PCLS 2018-19 Essay Contest 作文比賽

第一組 Group 1: Traditional Grade 1 and 2

1st Place: 黃睿琪 Amelia Huang

2nd Place: 蔡旻軒 Natalie Tsai

3rd Place: 鄭凱莉 Callie Zheng


第二組 Group 2: Traditional Grade 3 and 4

1st Place: 陳澤凱Kyle Chen

2nd Place: 鄭皓宸 Aiden Cheng

3rd Place: Andrew Thallemer

Honorable Mention: 吳奕臻 Audrey Wu

Honorable Mention: 黃浩逸  Janoah Wong


第三組 Group 3: Traditional Grade 5 and 6

1st Place: 胡佳豪 Parker Woo


第四組 Group 4: Traditional Grade 7 and above

1st Place: 廖霈恩 Emma Liao

2nd Place: 楊宸Chern Yang

3rd Place: 胡佳莉 Jasmine Woo


第五組 Group 5: CSL4 and above

1st Place: 梁星美 Natalie Leung