Registration for PCLS 2021/22 OPEN now!

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We are excited to start PCLS’ 2021-2022 registration on Sunday, May 16th.  We encourage our current PCLS families to take advantage ($40 early-bird tuition discount and culture class spots) of the Early Registration (Ends on June 20th).

Important Note: To qualify for a $40 discount, you need to register in the system by 6/20 and all required paperwork and check must be received by July 1. PCLS will start cashing the checks in July.

What you need to do:

  1. Sign up for parent duty
  2. Register your students and print the confirmation page. (see Example)
  3. Fill out 2021-22 Parent Duty Assignment
  4. Mail the following to Princeton Chinese Language School P.O. Box 185, Princeton Junction, NJ 08550

Additional details for each step below:

(1) Sign up for parent duty

  1. When you sign up for parent duty at Signup Genius, please make sure you enter the name you would like it us to use on the parent duty refund check.In order to eligible for the refund, you shall sign up at least:
      • one A activity, or
      • two B activities, or
    • one B and one C activities

    For returning families, we encourage you to sign up for the same parent duties as in the previous years, particularly for the more critical roles (i.e. Chinese New Year helpers, contest helpers/judges, coupon day volunteers, etc.).

(2) Register your students and print the confirmation page. (see Example)

  1. Screenshots help you navigate the process:
    • Login:

    • Populated for the current families:

    • Next Step:

    • Culture Class:

    • Acknowledgment:

  1. 2021-22 Calendar with the prospective start date and end date, 09/12/2021, and 06/05/2022, respectively. Please note these dates are subject to change.
  1. Tuition fees breakdowns:
    • $480 ($460 tuition + $20 teacher/TA gift fee) for the EARLY registration which is PAID BY June 30th. Please mail your check in by June 30th to be eligible for the early bird discount. PCLS will deposit all checks received starting in July.
    • $520 ($500 tuition + $20 teacher/TA gift fee) for the regular registration which is PAID after June 30th. If you register and pay after June 30th, the tuition will be changed to $500 in our system.
    • $20 will be included in each student’s tuition just to cover the teacher/TA gift fee that is usually collected by the Class Parents in September. This makes the Class Parent’s job easier since we do not have to follow up on the outstanding $20 fee.
    • REFUNDABLE parent duty fee of $150 (DEPOSIT) will be imposed as the school needs more families to help run PCLS events.
  1. Similar to the previous years, families who complete and pay their registration first will have their first choice of culture classes. In addition, the following culture classes have fees for materials:
    • Chinese Brush Painting – $20
    • Chinese Knotting – $20
    • Arts and Crafts – $20
    • Taekwondo – TBD
  1. Students are required to pay these class fees by the 2nd week of the class, 09/19/2021, to guarantee their spot in the class.

(3) Fill out the 2021-22 Parent Duty Assignment

(4) Mail the following to Princeton Chinese Language School P.O. Box 185, Princeton Junction, NJ 08550

  1. After you complete the process using the link above, please:
    1. WRITE a check and make it payable to PCLS. Your Family ID number and student names should also be included on the face of the check
    2. PRINT the last confirmation page
    3. After you sign up parent duty on the SignUp Genius, FILL OUT and PRINT 2021-22 Parent Duty Assignment

    Please note that we cannot process payments without the printed documents, Family ID number and student names on the check.

If you have any questions about the registration, please contact our registrar, Wing Lau, at  Once again, we thank you for your interest in PCLS and look forward to “seeing” you all in person in September.