Culture 文化課

Class offering varies every year based on teacher availability.  Please email Culture Director ( on culture classes available for your child’s age group or refer to class listing in the registration system.

PCLS offers a variety of culture classes to provide students opportunities to explore authentic Chinese culture. Culture Classes are held after language classes, from 4:20 pm – 5:00pm. Listed below are offerings by minimum age for participation.

Age 4 and older:

舞蹈 Dance
No dancing experience required. Students will explore ballet and contemporary dance and will be expected to participate in extracurricular performances throughout the school year.

作業輔導 Homework Club
Designed for students who would like assistance with doing PCLS homework during culture class time.

兒童積木 4+ Lego Class
Students are placed into two groups by skill level and age group. Younger/Beginner students will For younger students ages to build with Duplo and Lego. Older/Advanced students will create more complex objects.

唱遊 Story & Music
Designed for younger students to learn Chinese children’s folkchildren’skids folk songs and stories with craftwork.

跆拳道 TaekwonDo
Students will learn this Asian martial art characterized by head-height, jumping, spinning and fast kicks. Class will promote courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit which are the essences of Taekwondo. Belt testing is also offered by the instructor.

Age 5 and older:

兒童畫 Painting & Drawing (PD)
Students will be placed into age appropriate groups and learn basic painting and drawing skills.

中國象棋 Chinese Chess (CS)
All levels welcome. Students are placed into two groups based on skill assessment: beginner group and advanced group. Students play in tournaments to advance their skills and have opportunities to participate in external competitions.

Age 6 and older:

兒童珠心算 Chinese Abacus & Mental Math
Students learn how to use the abacus to perform in mathematical calculations, a tool used for accounting and bookkeeping in China for thousands of years.

卡通畫 Children Sketch and Cartoon
Students learn the basic techniques to construct their own cartoon characters through curves and geometric shapes. Basic techniques include, but are not limited to: learn to use basic shapes to draw and analyze figures, style faces and bodies, create dynamic poses and manipulating their characters and draw background for characters.

古箏 GuZheng
Students will learn the basics of the Chinese instrument, Guzheng and will learn to play basic traditional Chinese melody.

Age 7 and older:

卡拉 OK 歌唱 Chinese Karaoke
Students will have fun learning Chinese through singing songs with lyrics on the screen. This class is designed to improve pronunciation and ability to read Chinese characters, explore the diversity of Chinese culture through a variety of songs/videos, and gain the experience of singing alone in front of an audience and build their confidence in expressing themselves in Chinese.

Age 8 and older:

籃球 Basketball
Students play and learn basketball skills and are placed into groups based on skill assessment.

書法 Calligraphy – Not offered during the current school year due to low enrollment.
Students learn Chinese calligraphy.

中國結 Chinese Knotting
In this class, students will learn how to create a variety of projects using different Chinese knots. The projects range from simple bracelets to large, intricate swans, but no matter the size, our students’ creations are always made from string. Chinese knotting will teach children hand-eye coordination, patience, and creativity. They will make projects that can be used as decorations, gifts, and even adornments on clothes. Students will be placed into groups based on skill assessment.

國畫 Chinese Brush Painting (CP)
Beginner level Chinese brush painting class for students to learn the basic techniques (brush holding, brush strokes and ink application etc.). Different subjects will be introduced to students each year such as flowers, insects, animals, and simple landscaping. Students will participate in a gallery show of their paintings at the end of the year.

麻將 Mahjong
Students will learn how to play one of the most popular games of Chinese heritage, Mahjong.

Age 9 and older:

手工 Handmade Crafts
Students will learn a variety of more different handmade crafts. Current school year focuses on handmade unique cards for holidays and occasions throughout the year.

扯鈴 Chinese Yo-Yo
No experience required. Students will need to have own yoyo and will be placed into groups based on skill assessment. Higher-level students will be expected to participate in extracurricular performances and external competitions throughout the school year.

二胡 Er-Hu
Ages 10+. Students learn how to play Er-Hu, a traditional Chinese stringed instrument.