Traditional Classes 傳統班

For children who speak Chinese regularly at home, we offer pre-K to 10th grade. This is recommended for children of parents who are native speakers. These classes are taught in Chinese and emphasize reading and writing.

傳統班課程內容 Traditional Classes Curriculum
Hours of Operation: Every Sunday afternoon (September to June).
Language Class:(1)2:30 pm-3:20 pm,(2)3:25 pm – 4:15 pm
*Age is a general guideline
班級 Class Age* Content
學前班 Pre K 4 Sing and play, introduction of Zuyin 注音 (ㄅBo,ㄆPo,ㄇMo,ㄈFo)
基礎班 K 5 Introduction of Zuyin and pronunciation. Stress listening and speaking
一年級 1 6 Pronunciation, character writing, words, making and sentence making.
二年級 2 7 Speaking, introduction of sentence pattern, composition.
三年級 3 8 Measuring units, idioms, numbers, 4 basic sounds.
四年級 4 9 Idioms, sentence making, simple poems, character roots & using dictionary.
五年級 5 10 Introduction of Pinyin, homonyms.
六年級 6 11 Parallel teaching in Zuyin and Pinyin. Listening comprehension, composition.
七年級 7 12 Introduction of folk stories, legends, folk festivals and classic poems.
八年級 8 13 Pattern application, Introduction of idioms.
九年級 9 14 Translation, writing letters, reading newspapers & menus, conversation
十年級 10 15 Topic discussion ,and reading, practical conversation