About PCLS 關於本校



本校創立于1970年,迄今已有48年的歷史。成立之初僅有5位老師和20位學生,附屬於普林斯頓大學的Chinese Club。今年學生達270人,共有22位語言班教師,及27位文化課教師。課程包括語言課及文化課程,語言課依學生年齡及中文程度分班。而文化課則以學生興趣選課。本校的上課地點為Princeton Day School。





About PCLS 關於本校

The Princeton Chinese Language School, Inc. (PCLS) is a nonprofit organization whose primary mission is to provide a structured and nurturing environment for learning Chinese language and culture.  Students from all backgrounds and ages are welcome.

Established in 1970, PCLS now has a proud history of 48 years.  At its inception, the school was affiliated with Princeton University’s Chinese Club with only five classes and twenty students at that time.  Today, we have 270 students, 22 language teachers, and 27 culture instructors.  The curriculum includes both language classes and cultural activities.  Students are placed in language classes based on their ages and Chinese language proficiency, and in cultural activities according to their preferences.  Classes are held weekly at the Princeton Day School in Princeton.

Our language program consists of two paths, a traditional path and a CSL (Chinese as Second Language) path.  The traditional path is more suitable for students who speak Mandarin at home.  For the traditional path, students will use Zhuyin phonic system.  However, Pinyin is introduced in grades 4 through 9 after students have mastered Chinese enunciation.  For the CSL path, Pinyin is used as the primary phonic system.  Our language curriculum emphasizes practical usage of Chinese in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

PCLS offers 17 cultural classes including: abacus, homework club, Chinese brush painting, Er-Hu, children sketch & cartoon, chess, arts & crafts, Chinese Knotting, folk dancing, story & music, Chinese yo-yo, calligraphy, yoga, Lego, etc.  There are also adult activities such as Zumba, floral arrangement, badminton, and basketball.

PCLS is operated by parent volunteers.  Under the governance of the Board of Trustees, the school operation is executed by an Operating Committee that consists of principal, vice principal, treasurer, fundraising, registrar, safety, public relation, activity coordinator, and parent liaison.  The academic director, cultural director, and teaching staff are responsible for academic and cultural activities.  All members of the Board of Trustees serve on a volunteer basis.

Our students and parents are active participants in many local community activities and services.  In recent years, PCLS has fostered awareness of Chinese culture and community volunteer services by sponsoring local events such as Communiversity Day in Princeton, the ANJCS Annual Events, the Princeton University International Festival, Family Day at Princeton University Art Museum, and Chinese New Year Celebrations in Princeton, West Windsor, and Plainsboro.  Parents’ active involvement in school activities demonstrates to our children the value of community service.  We believe that community service is one of the best ways to show our appreciation.