Weekly Newsletter: Dec 17, 2021, Congrats to Drawing Contest winners & Speech Contest this Sunday!

As COVID-19 surges, we are asking everyone to cooperate so we can keep in-person learning going:

  1. Make sure to self-screen for symptoms prior to attending school in person 上學前務必自我篩查症狀

  2. Always wear a mask properly indoors and at crowded places. 在室內和人多的地方一定要正確佩戴口罩

  3. Cooperate with the temperature checks at the entrance.  配合入口處的溫度檢查

  4. Masks on at all times when in Beth Chaim 在 Beth Chaim 始終戴上口罩

  5. Contact principal@pcls.org immediately if tested positive for COVID-19. 如果 COVID-19 檢測呈陽性,請立即聯繫 principal@pcls.org

As a reminder: NO pork or shellfish products in Beth Chaim. If you pick up food from Golden Bun 金華包子, please leave your food in your car. Do not bring them inside.

We will be staying at Beth Chaim till the end of this school year. We have been notified by PDS that they will not be renting their facilities to outside organizations this school year due to COVID-19.

Messages from the Academic Director

If your child(ren) registered for the speech contest, you should receive an email from the Academic Director with more details about the contest by this Sunday. Please check your spam box if you don’t see my email. Contact academic@pcls.org if you have any questions.

Messages from the Culture Message from the Culture Director

“Year of the Tiger” Drawing Contest Winners

Congratulations to our winners!  All participants will receive an extra coupon.  In addition, the winning artwork will be featured in the directory.  Thank you all for your participation!

Group 1: 6 and below
1st Place Toviah Wong 黃芓逸
2nd Place Katherine Chiu 邱亮愷
3rd Place Daelynn Kao 高立芛
Honorable Mention Mitchell Wei 魏煦恆
Honorable Mention Sophie Jen 任芃蓁
Group 2: 7-9 year old
1st Place Sophia Huang 黃品瑄
2nd Place Aidan Chen 陳恩德
3rd Place Juanita Lee 李紫嫣
Honorable Mention Cara Horhota
Honorable Mention Peiyi Chen
Honorable Mention Louiessa Ocampo
Group 1: 6 and below
1st Place Kyera Lim
2nd Place Alicia Lee 李紫萱
3rd Place Jonoah Wong 黃浩逸
Group 1: 6 and below
1st Place Vivian Kin 金靜炎
2nd Place Tristan Lim 林耀庭
3rd Place Heather Tsai 蔡沛穎


“Year of the Tiger” CNY celebration – Last Day to vote for Raffle 1st prize!

The CNY celebration will again be held online this year. Performances will be organized by teachers as a class.  Please watch for communication from your teachers.

Vote for your favorite 1st prize here!  Complete this Google Form by tonight 12/17/2021.  One entry per family please.

Messages from the PTA

If you are unsure of which parent duty you have signed up for, please check in the following link or reach out to PTA@pcls.org. If you have not signed up yet, sign up here . If you are available for additional signups to support our community, please sign up for the remaining empty slots that are still available. PCLS appreciates your support.