Weekly Newsletter: April 22, 2022, Congratulations to Writing and Word Recognition Contest Winners!

Welcome Back from Spring break! Class resumes this Sunday! Please continue to wear a mask indoors and cooperate with the temperature check at the front entrance.

Parent meeting 家長大會

Mark your calendar for the End of Year parent meeting 家長大會 on May 8, 2:45-4pm, in-person at Banquet Hall at Beth Chaim. We will reflect on our current school year and discuss plans for the next.


Registration for next school year will start in-person on May 8 at Banquet Hall. Details on how to register will be announced next week. There will be three Sundays for parents to register in-person (May 8, 15 and June 5) and receive an early bird discount ($40). After June 5, there will be no early-bird discount.

Fun Day 2022 – Taiwan Night Market 台灣夜市 – Flyer here

Fun Day will return this year on 5/22/2022 at Rosedale Park. To assist us with planning, please kindly take a moment to complete this Google Form. There will be food, Taiwanese night market games, karaoke and field games.  Mark your calendar, come out and have fun with other PCLS families! You don’t want to miss this!!

We are also looking for additional volunteers to help with set up, food distribution, TW night market games and clean up.  If you can spare 1 hour sometime between 12-4 to help out, please email culture@pcls.org

Messages from the Academic Director

“Word Recognition Contest”

Congratulations to our winners! All participants will receive a coupon. The top 3 winners will receive an additional coupon and a trophy. The winners of “Honorable Mention” will receive an additional coupon and a certificate. Thank you all for your participation!

低年級第一組 (Traditional kindergarten and first grade)

1st place: 王暐程 Damian Wang

2nd place: Olivia Tsai

3rd place: 任芃蓁 Sophie Jen

Honorable mention: 高立芛 Daelynn Kao,任妍蓁 Charlotte Jen

低年級第二組 (traditional 2nd and 3rd grades)

1st place: 吳捷暄 Kyle Wu

2nd place: 陳澤勵 Riley Chen

3rd place: 邱亮瑜 Anna Chiu,黃凱睿 Kaleb Huang

Honorable mention: 洪浩緯 Evan Hung

中年級組 (traditional 4th and 5th grades)

1st place: 黃睿琪 Amelia Huang

2nd place: 陳培瑜 PeiYi Chen

3rd place: 袁童潔 Elizabeth Yuan

Honorable mention: 吳悠 Olivia Wu,陳澤翰 Hunter Chen

高年級組 (traditional 6th, 7th and 8th grades)

1st place: 侯愛利 Allison Holt

2nd place: 李紫萱 Alicia Lee

3rd place: 侯順恩 Samuel Holt,陳澤凱 Kyle Chen

Honorable mention: 黃浩逸 Janoah Wong,伍思柔 Sheryl Sheau

雙語班組 (CSL)

1st place: Cara Horhota

2nd place: 羅愛彬 Zabine Lopez

*within category: order by last name alphabetic order

“Writing Contest”

Congratulations to our winners! All participants will receive a coupon. The winners of “High Distinction Award” will receive an additional coupon and a trophy. The winners of “Excellence Award” and “Honorable Mention” will receive an additional coupon and a certificate. Thank you all for your participation!

傳統基礎班 (Traditional kindergarten)

High distinction award: Ethan Tsai

Excellence Award: 邱亮愷 Katherine Chiu, 蔡佑澤 Ryan Tsai

傳統班一年級 (Traditional 1st grade)

High distinction award: 任妍蓁 Charlotte Jen

Excellence Award: Olivia Tsai, 魏煦恆 Mitchell Wei

Honorable mention: 王暐程 Damian Wang,李亞歷 Alexander Zoppa

傳統班二年級 (Traditional 2nd grade)

High distinction award: 蔡宥萱 Claire Tsai

Excellence Award: 張筑雅 Vianne Chang,金惠俊 Jameson Kim

Honorable mention: 金仁勇 Logan Kim

傳統班三年級 (Traditional 3rd grade)

High distinction award: 黃凱睿 Kaleb Huang

Excellence Award: 陳澤勵 Riley Chen,王嶼臻 Louiessa Ocampo

Honorable mention: 邱亮瑜 Anna Chiu,洪浩緯 Evan Hung,田尚恩 David Tizn,吳亦潔 Julia Wu

傳統班四年級 (Traditional 4th grade)

High distinction award: 廖蔚茗 Audrey Liaw

Excellence Award: 何冠亨 Grant He,黃品瑄 Sophia Huang

Honorable mention: 陳黎克 Leif Chen,袁童潔 Elizabeth Yuan

傳統班五年級 (Traditional 5th grade)

High distinction award: 黃睿琪 Amelia Huang

Excellence Award: 李宜蓁 Katherine Lee,Kyera Lim

Honorable mention: 高子艾 Isabella Gustus,鄭凱莉 Callie Zheng

傳統班六年級 (Traditional 6th grade)

High distinction award: 吳奕臻 Audrey Wu

Excellence Award: 伍思柔 Sheryl Sheau,黃浩逸 Janoah Wong

Honorable mention: 黃唯凡 Lucas Huang,高敬堯 Logan Kao,王藜雅 Lia Wang

傳統班七年級 (Traditional 7th grade)

High distinction award: 張筑茜 Kara Chang

Excellence Award: 陳澤凱 Kyle Chen,李紫萱 Alicia Lee

Honorable mention: Andrew Thallemer

傳統班八年級 (Traditional 8th grade)

High distinction award: 胡佳豪 Parker Woo

Excellence Award: 黃譯葶 Kara Huang,劉哲瑋 Chase Lau

Honorable mention: 方培安 Kieran Hanna,李怡萱 Vivian Lee

傳統班九年級 (Traditional 9th grade)

High distinction award: 陳冰冰 Alaire Chen

Excellence Award: 陳子仲 Anna Chen

雙語班一級 (CSL1)

High distinction award: Evelyn Tye

Excellence Award: Naomi Hart,Damien Wong

Honorable mention: 陳高登 Hayden Martinsen

雙語班二級 (CSL2)

High distinction award: Meera Srinivasan

Excellence Award: Cara Horhota

雙語班三級 (CSL3)

High distinction award: 瑞英 Zoe Bennett

雙語班四級 (CSL4)

High distinction award: 文理 Ethan Rowe,凱禮 Micaela Bennett

Excellence Award: Nicholas Liu

雙語班五級 (CSL5)

High distinction award: Tristan Lim

Excellence Award: Kaavya Sathish

*within category: order by last name alphabetic order

Upcoming Contest:

PCLS will host our 1st annual story telling contest on May 8th, 2022. “Story-telling” is a fun way to practice speaking and communicating in Chinese. Please use this Google Form to register by May 1st, 2022. More information about the contest can be found in the flier.

Messages from the Culture Director

PCLS YoYo Contest – Registration now open!

The Google form to register for the 2022 PCLS Chinese YoYo contest is now open!  The contest will take place on Sunday 5/1/2022 during culture class time.  Students will perform a 3-3.5 minutes routine he/she put together to the music of their choice.  Registration will close on Tuesday 4/26/2022. Please be prepared to submit an audio file for the music the contestant wants to use with your registration.

In order for the contest to start on time, the order to appear in each group will be determined by  “Wheel of Names” beforehand.  The contest will begin with the beginners’ group.

Culture Class Open House (4/24/2022)

Thank you for signing up to participate in the Culture Open House this year, the registration is now closed.  If you signed up, you should have received an email from PCLS Culture Director earlier this week.  Please check your spam folder if you didn’t see it.  Otherwise, please refer to this file for classroom location.

On 4/24/2022, please go to the culture class you signed up for during normal class time.  The instructors have been informed of your participation on this day.

Messages from the PTA

Parent Duty

If you are unsure of which parent duty you have signed up for, please check in the following link or reach out to PTA@pcls.org. If you have not signed up yet or did not complete your parent duty due to virtual classes, sign up here . If you are available for additional signups to support our community, please sign up for the remaining empty slots that are still available. PCLS appreciates your support.

We are in need of additional volunteers for the remaining open signups such as the PCLS Fun Day. Please sign up if you have not completed your parent duty or if you are able to spare more time to show your support. Thank you!

ShopWithScrip Fundraising

To continue showing support to PCLS, we partnered with a fundraising organization, ShopWithScrip.  You should have received an invitation email to sign up from ShopWithScrip. Please follow the instructions and make sure that you use the enrollment code to link your purchases to the PCLS account.

Enrollment code: JEGG74SPECAJ

Thank you for your continued support and Happy Shopping!