Weekly Newsletter September 10, 2022

Welcome Back to PCLS! Hope everyone has a great start to the school year. This Sunday, September 11 is the first day of school. All language and culture classes will be in person at Princeton Day School (PDS, Address: Address: 650 Great Rd, Princeton, NJ 08540).


Parking areas including the left side of the lower circle in marked spots and the lined spots at the top of the circle, as well as the large parking lot to the left of the main entrance – NO PARKING IS ALLOWED AT ANY TIME IN THE DESIGNATED FIRE LANES


As a reminder, language class starts at 2:30pm and runs through 4:15pm. Culture class starts at 4:20pm and ends at 5pm. If you are new to PDS, please come early to find your ways around it if you are new to PDS.


PDS Facility Protocols

  1. MASK is MANDATORY inside the PDS buildings. This is a requirement in our rental contract. So please wear a mask properly when inside the building.

  2. No temperature check at entrance.

  3. Self-screening for COVID symptoms. If you are not well, stay home.

  4. No eating inside the building except for younger kids during recess. Younger kids are allowed to eat at Cafeteria during recess time.

  5. Absolutely no eating inside the classrooms.


Change to Parent Duty Sign Up


There is a change to parent duty for those that signed up to conduct temperature checks and ring bells. Since we will not have a temperature check, we will be asking the two parent helpers to station outside (1) Shepherd Commons (where Prek to T7 classes are) and (2) Courtyard by CSL 1-5 classrooms. The two parent helpers will need to be stationed at these two sites (1 for each site) during language class time (2:30-4:15pm) and to help out teachers taking students to the bathroom or running errands if needed. Parent helpers will also ring bells in between classes and recess. Please sign in at the admin table in the cafeteria and wear an orange PCLS vest so the teachers can identify you. Return the vest at the end of your shift.


To check or change your parent duty sign ups, please click this SignupGenius link.

Any questions about your parent duties, please contact: pta@pcls.org


Registration & Check Deposit


Our registration numbers are similar to last  year.  A BIG THANK YOU to ALL registered families. We will finish depositing your checks in September.

If you have registered your child(ren) but did not pay the tuition, please bring a check on the first day of the school and give it to registration staff at Campus Center/cafeteria. You do not need to mail the check.

For parents who COMPLETED the registration, you should have received an automatic email with your child(ren)’s class information on 9/8.

If you have friends interested in joining our school, please ask them to check out our website and follow the steps on the registration page. They are welcome to send us inquiries via hello@pcls.org.


Academic Director Updates


Textbooks will be distributed on the first day of school in class. Please note that textbooks will only be given to the students who have registered and paid.


Language Class Changes

On the first day (9/11), please attend the language class listed in your confirmation email. Each student has ONE chance to switch language class between the 2nd and 3rd week. After the 3rd week (9/25), NO change to the language class is allowed. If you have any questions regarding the class placement, please reach out to me (I’ll be at the “administration table” in the cafeteria this Sunday, or you can email me at academic@pcls.org).


Culture Director Updates


Culture Class Changes

On the first day (9/11), please attend the culture class listed in your confirmation email. Each student has ONE chance to switch culture class between the 2nd and 3rd week. Please check the Principal’s weekly update email next week for the Google form link to request change.


Class Waivers

Students in the following classes are required to sign a waiver:

  • Taekwondo

  • YoYo

  • Dance

  • Lion Dance


An email will be sent to the students with a link to a Google form for electronic sign-off. Please take a moment to complete the waiver when you receive it.


Adult Class

Information regarding adult activities (Zumba / basketball / badminton / Erhu / flower arrangement) will be announced within the next couple weeks. Make sure to check the Principal’s weekly update if you are interested!


Please note that there will be a $100 Facility fee (PCLS families) + Activity fee (where applicable). Details will be announced later.

PTA Updates


Welcome back PCLS family!

To ensure that all events and activities run smoothly throughout the year, please sign up for at least 2 parent duties. Only if the 2 duties are fulfilled, will the deposit be refunded. If you are able to spare more time to our community, we would be very thankful.

Please note, if any events/parent duty signups are canceled/moved, it is the family’s responsibility to signup for another parent duty or the rescheduled time to fulfill the requirement in order to receive the deposit.

Should you have any questions on your signup, please reach out to Suet Horhota, PCLS PTA Lead, while at school or at PTA@pcls.org.


Spread the word for Princeton Chinese Language School. 

Invite your friends to visit our school and join our community!!


蘇雅萍  Ya-ping Su, 校長 Principal