Weekly Newsletter October 1, 2022

There will be a fire drill this coming Sunday around 2:50pm. This exercise aims to prepare staff, parents and students for emergency situations. Everyone in the Building during the fire drill needs to exit the building swiftly and quietly. No one remains in the building during the fire drill except the parent helpers in charge of this exercise. Please be cooperative! This exercise should be done within 10-15 minutes.

All language class students should follow instructions from their teachers and room parents to exit and re-enter the building.

If you are a parent helper this Sunday, 

  • Fire Drill parent helpers – arrive at Cafeteria by 2:20pm

  • Bell/Classroom helpers – arrive at Cafeteria by 2:20pm

  • Room Parents – (1) at your assigned classroom by 2:40pm to assist teachers with fire drill, and (2) attend a room-parent meeting at 3:30 pm in the cafeteria.

As a reminder

  1. MASK is MANDATORY inside the PDS buildings. This is a requirement in our rental contract. So please wear a mask properly when inside the building.

  2. If you are participating in Basketball and Badminton, you will need to have MASK ON when entering and exiting the gym. You can take the masks off when playing basketball and badminton.

  3. Self-screening for COVID symptoms. If you are not well, stay home.

  4. No eating inside the building except for younger kids during recess. Younger kids are allowed to eat at Cafeteria during recess time.

  5. Absolutely no eating inside the classrooms.


The PCLS vendor table at West Windsor Community Day was a big Success! Thank you for stopping by and also your continuing support!


Academic Director Updates


  • Textbooks will only be given to the students who have registered and paid. If you haven’t paid but got the textbooks, please return it to me.

  • If you received a textbook bundle (including textbook, homework book, CD if any, and flashcard if any), but decided to change your language class, please return the bundle to me and exchange it for a new one. However, if you have any markings or have used any workbook sheets, you CANNOT return the bundle. You’ll have to buy a new textbook bundle. It’s $20 per bundle (textbook, homework book, CD if any, and flashcard if any).

Teacher parking

Our teachers and admin staff always carry a lot of teaching materials with them. If they park far away from the building, they’ll have to carry the heavy stuff and walk a long way to the classrooms. Thus, if possible, I would strongly encourage everyone to save the parking spots that are close to the building to our teachers (priority) and admin staff. Just a small way to express our gratitude to our teachers. Thank you!!


Culture Director Updates

Coming soon – Drawing Contest

Get your crayons and markers ready for our first contest this year!  The drawing contest will take place IN PERSON on 10/23 and 10/30 between 1:45 – 2:30 PM at the cafeteria.  The topic will be “Year of Rabbit”. A registration link will be released next week, please stay tuned!

General Guidelines:

  1. No electronic equipment or visual aids.

  2. The drawing should be completed by the child independently.  No assistance from parents, siblings and/or other students

  3. Drawing should be completed on paper provided by PCLS

  4. Drawing will be graded anonymously.  It should not have a student name or grade on it


Class Waivers

Students in the following classes are required to sign a waiver:

Taekwondo YoYo Dance Lion Dance Basketball

Please complete the Waiver form at your earliest convenience.  An email was also sent to you with the link to the Waiver form.

Adult Class

The following adult classes are available this year.  If you are interested in participating, please contact the coordinators listed below.  Please note that there will be a $100 Facility fee (PCLS families. $150 for non-PCLS families) + Activity fee (where applicable).  Please inquire with the coordinator about the applicable activity fee.  A waiver form is required for Basketball, Badminton, Lion Dance & Zumba / Latin Steps.






Upper gym

2:30 – 4:10





2:30 – 4:10



Flower arrangement


2:30 – 4:10



Zumba / Latin Steps

Dance Studio

2:50 – 3:50




Room 225

4:20 – 5:00

Culture Director


Lion Dance

Upper Gym

4:20 – 5:00

Culture Director



PTA Updates

To ensure that all events and activities run smoothly throughout the year, please sign up for at least 2 parent duties. Only if the 2 duties are fulfilled, will the deposit be refunded. If you are able to spare more time to our community, we would be very thankful.

Please note, if any events/parent duty signups are canceled/moved, it is the family’s responsibility to signup for another parent duty or the rescheduled time to fulfill the requirement in order to receive the deposit.

Should you have any questions on your signup, please reach out to Suet Horhota, PCLS PTA Lead, while at school or at PTA@pcls.org.

To check or change your parent duty sign ups, please click this SignupGenius link.

Additional ways of support

As we all get settled into the new school year and head into the holiday season, quick reminder and invitation to all returning PCLS families and new members. There are 2 ways to continue supporting our community through our partnership with RaiseRight and AmazonSmile. This is a great way for you to show support on what you already purchase or plan to purchase.

RaiseRight formerly ShopWithScrip

As the holiday season is here, any physical or electronic gift card purchases will help PCLS, much like the Amazon Smile program.  Any fundraising efforts will be at no cost to you and gift cards are purchased based on face value.  After you open an account, the gift cards can be purchased on the ShopWithScrip website directly or on their app, RaiseRight (only one login account needed). Once purchased, any e-gift cards are accessible on the app and are reloadable. They can also be emailed as a gift which is convenient during these times. If you prefer to have the gift cards mailed, then there is a small fee of $1 for the first card and $0.50 for each additional. They even have expedited services for those last minute gifts! There is a nominal % transactional fee which apply if using a credit card. If using a bank account, only $0.15 is charged for the entire transaction, whether its 1 or multiple gifts cards!

However, these gift cards are not limited to only the holiday season. You can reload the funds onto a gift card that was previously purchased through ShopWithScrip and use them at restaurants, grocery stores or any other places you frequent. Just think, you can support PCLS while you buy your normal groceries and can even access the egift cards right on the app at checkout!

To get started, please see the instructions attached and make sure that you use the enrollment code below to link your purchases to the PCLS account. Please advise if there are any questions.


Enrollment code: JEGG74SPECAJ


The holiday season is fast approaching! Please make sure you are signed up for AmazonSmile and select Princeton Chinese Language School as your preferred charity at http://smile.amazon.com/ch/22-3357519 .  AmazonSmile will donate to us at no cost to you!

Once you are in the website, simply highlight and copy the URL or web address and drag it to your bookmark bar for easy future access.  You can also turn AmazonSmile on the Amazon app by going into Setting, and select to keep AmazonSmile ON  (see below screen shots for more detailed instructions).

From the Amazon App on your phone, click the prompt at the bottom right corner:

Scroll down to the Setting window at the bottom:

Once in the AmazonSmile screen, simply select from OFF to ON.

Thank you for your continued support and Happy Shopping!


Vendor Updates

Join us at LINE group: “PCLS – Food and Vendors 普林斯頓中文學校美食團” to get the latest information about food ordering and delivery.  http://line.me/ti/g/uefDIBC_L5  (click the link to join)

Spread the word for Princeton Chinese Language School.  Invite your friends to visit our school and join our community!!