2018 PCLS Hand Writing Contest Winners

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Thank you to all of our students for participating in the Hand Writing Contest.

Please see below for the results.  The numbers of winners are based on the number of students in each class. Next week, on 4/22, the certificates will be given to the teachers to be handed out in class. In each classroom, there will be a small award ceremony in the first period around 2:45pm. Parents are welcome to watch their individual class ceremony.

2017-18  寫字比賽 Hand Writing Contest Winners

基礎班  Kindergarten

1st Place:  廖蔚茗Audrey Liaw

2nd Place:  Kaianne Mark

3rd Place:  吳悠Olivia Wu

4th Place:  陳傳恩Chris Chen

5th Place:  方泰安William Hanna

6th Place:  張加揚Colin Chang


一年級  Traditional 1st Grade

1st Place: 周奕磊  Luca Chou-Fung

2nd Place: 邱孟嫻  Lucia Camilli

3rd Place: 蔡旻軒  Natalie Tsai

4th Place: 戴安安  Nora Watson

5th Place: 吳佩璋  Joviale Wu

6th Place: 鄭凱莉  Callie Zheng


二年級  Traditional 2nd Grade

1st Place: 陳澤凱 Kyle Chen

2nd Place: 伍思柔Sheryl Sheau

3rd Place: 趙良牧Albert Chia

4th Place: 黃浩逸Janoah Wong

5th Place: 卓拉Zora Watts

6th Place: 林以晴Serena Lin


三年級  Traditional 3rd Grade

1st Place:  劉翰麒Anderson Liu

2nd Place: 張筑茜Kara Chang

3rd Place: 張瑜倢Nicole Chang


四年級  Traditional 4th Grade

1st Place: 孫悅安 Angela Sun

2nd Place: 費郁之 Eva Fea

3rd Place: 謝禮安  Cassidy Shea

4th Place: 戴峰  Dale Dai

5th Place:  耿敏學 Matthew Keng


五年級  Traditional 5th Grade

1st Place:  許承業Aidan Hsu

2nd Place:  辜丰霆 Kenny Ku

3rd Place:  金靜炎 Vivian Kin


六年級  Traditional 6th Grade

1st Place:  鄭愉潔  Amy Zheng

2nd Place:  胡佳莉 Jasmine Woo

3rd Place:  李柏謙 Paul Li

4th Place:  廖聿馨 Jaimie Liao

5th Place:  楊世偉 Ethan Yang

6th Place:  玲玲  Ashlynn Potter


七年級  Traditional 7th Grade

1st Place:  李嘉穎 Allyson Lee

2nd Place: 江繼順  Jason Chiang


八年級  Traditional 8th Grade

1st Place:  田尚禾 Charho Tizn

2nd Place:  王心蕾  Josephine Wang

3rd Place:  張家豪  Nicholas Chang


九年級  Traditional 9th Grade

1st Place:  廖聿立 Laura Liao

2nd Place:  蔡立芊Kaitlyn Tsai

3rd Place:  梁樂勤 Steven Leung

4th Place:  金定霖  J. J. Kin

5th Place:  李容嫻  Rebecca Lee


雙語班一  CSL1

1st Place:  Kaeden Lee

2nd Place:  劉毅Silas Liu

3rd Place:  謝旻峻Maddox Tse

4th Place:  文理 Ethan Rowe

5th Place:  Nicholas Liu


雙語班二  CSL2

1st Place:  Jayjune Shin

2nd Place:  Aila Shiwotsuka

3rd Place:  雷俊文 Aidan Lui

4th Place:  關詠琳 Katie Kwan


雙語班三  CSL3

1st Place:  祺康Chayton Black

2nd Place:  Nicholas Youngquist

3rd Place:  Konnor Lee


雙語班四  CSL4

1st Place:  Jayson Pai

2nd Place:  關詠欣 Emma Kwan

3rd Place:  林耀庭Tristan Lim

4th Place:  泰安杰Andrew Thallemer


雙語班五  CSL5

1st Place:  林進文 Benjamin Lin

2nd Place:  Clara Shin

3rd Place: 白釗 Jordan Pai


雙語班六  CSL6

1st Place:  Emily Smerkanich

2nd Place:  周柔依 Zoe Chou

3rd Place:  Natalia Lin


雙語班七  CSL7

1st Place:  梁星美 Natalie Leung

2nd Place:  陸才愷 Zachary Lopez

3rd Place:  翁如翊 Louis Weng


雙語班九  CSL9

1st Place:  Samyuktha Chandrasekhar