Weekly Newsletter May 18, 2024

Message from Principal


PCLS Family Picnic 

PCLS families are welcome to join the Family Picnic on Sunday 5/19/24 at Rosedale Park between 11AM – 3PM.  


Bring your own food, drink and games and join the other PCLS families for a relaxing afternoon at the park.  You are welcome to bring extra to share if you like!  Remember to clean up after yourself.


  • This invitation is for PCLS families and grandparents only.

  • If there is over 40% chance of rain in the forecast, please check the PCLS FB page on status of event

  • Please kindly abide by the park rules and note that the following is PROHIBITED: Disorderly conduct / Gambling / Sale of alcoholic beverages or food / Glass bottles of any kind / Pools of any kind / Egg-tossing / Water balloons / Chalk / Pony rides / Deep fryers / Drones.

SY24-25 Registration 

Registration for SY24-25 school year is now OPEN!! By registering & paying between now and the last day of school (6/9), you’ll get:

  • $50 early bird registration discount

  • First picks on parent duty

  • First picks on culture class

Please see the PCLS registration page for instructions.


Upcoming Event


  • PCLS Family Picnic @ Rosedale Park (weather permitting)


  • School closed


  • Recognition Day 頒獎典禮


  • Coupon Day 獎卷兌換日

  • Commencement 畢業典禮

  • Last day of school


Message from Academic Director


全美中文學校聯合總會 2024年全美成語/常用語比賽

比賽時間:2024-06-22 (星期六) 12:30PM


報名方式與時間:報名由各校統一報名,有興趣參加的同學,請於2024-05-31前與我聯絡 (academic@pcls.org)。超過時限恕不受理!





  1. 傳統班七年級老師

  2. 雙語班一年級,四年級,五年級和六年級老師


應徵者需有合法的工作身份,如果您或您認識的人適合這些職位,請推薦他們將簡歷發送給我並與我聯絡(Cindy Chen, academic@pcls.org)。



Message from Culture Director

External Events


Passport to Taiwan, Sunday May 26

Immerse in the culture of Taiwan through authentic Taiwanese street food, arts, and performances! If you are interested in participating or volunteering, please click here.

BOBA Program Opportunity for Parents & Teens

The BOBA project’s goal is to help Chinese/Taiwanese families understand how best to talk about Asian identity and we hope to learn how identity is associated with health and well-being. Please click here for more detail.


Please see this folder for more information.

PTA Update

Any questions about your parent duties you can’t find on Sign Up Genius , please reach out to Suet Horhota, PCLS PTA Lead, while at school or at PTA@pcls.org.


Vendor Update

Join us at LINE group: “PCLS 美食團” to get the latest information about food ordering and delivery. Check with school admin to join LINE group. Please only invite people you actually know into this group.

請勿轉發美食團訂單給不在 [PCLS美食團購]Line 團內的朋友!! 如果您的朋友想訂購,請您的朋友加入群組,閱讀並遵守板規, 這樣才能看到群內對於團購status 的更新(例如商家遲到、取貨地點改變),免得造成大家的不便






OK Ryan 台灣好滋味 2024/6/2(Sun) delivery
Order link: https://tinyurl.com/m9awm2ed

台灣好滋味(福冕台菜) from Flushing, NY

Order will be canceled if the total amount is less than $1000.

Ordering Deadline: 5/31/2024 (Fri) 10 PM

Pickup Date: 6/2/2024 (Sun)

2:20 pm~2:50 pm at Princeton Day School parking lot next to entrance (650 Great Rd, Princeton, NJ 08540)

4:00 pm ~ 4:20 pm at 美東超市 parking lot (10 Schalks Crossing Rd, Plainsboro Township, NJ 08536)

Here is the link to dish pictures

Payment: Business Zelle(okokinctw@gmail.com) [OKOK INC] or Cash upon pickup. Zelle 付款,請先不要付錢,成團後務必在成團兩日內付款,商家需要時間確認你的付款,另外,訂戶姓名與Zelle 名不同者,務必在訂單上註明你Zelle Name.  不要為了省事結果費更多時間處理付款事宜。Zelle Payment do not pay until group qualified. Once qualified $$ must send out within 2 days upon qualified for group order (total order>$1000) . For people Order Name is not your Zelle Name, you must state clear on your Zelle name.


Nuro Beef Soup 正中台灣牛肉麵 2024/6/2(Sun) Delivery

Order link:https://tinyurl.com/5n95y434

Ordering Deadline: 5/31/2024 (Friday) 10:00 PM

Order will be canceled if the total amount is less than $800.

Pickup Date: 6/2/2024 (Sun)

1:30 pm ~ 2:00 pm at 美東超市 parking lot (10 Schalks Crossing Rd, Plainsboro Township, NJ 08536)

2:30 pm ~ 3:00 pm at  Princeton Day School parking lot next to the main entrance (650 Great Rd, Princeton, NJ 08540)

Payment: Cash upon pickup 只收現金

Contact: Call or Text Ken at 646-286-9288


David Kao ZongZi 粽子6/4 Delivery

Order link: https://tinyurl.com/bdjvb465

Maximum Order: $1200

Ordering Deadline: 5/26/2024 (Sun) 10 PM

2024/6/4(Tue):  7:30 pm ~ 7:45 pm

Pick up location: Parking lot in from of Woori Mart,   64 Princeton Hightstown Rd, West Windsor Township, NJ 08550

Payment: Zelle:  718-666-0177 (David Kao) (Please do not leave any note on payment)

Contact:Send message on Line Group Chat or  Eric at mydeareric@gmail.com


Vincy’s Gourmet Kitchen 2024/6/2 Delivery
Order link: https://tinyurl.com/3rtd8mbx

Ordering Deadline: 2024/5/26 (Sun) 10:00 PM

Pick Up: 2024/06/02  Sunday 2:15 pm ~ 2:45 pm at Princeton Day School parking lot next to the main entrance (650 Great Rd, Princeton, NJ 08540)

Payment: Cash Only. No Changes! Cash in envelope with your name and $ amount printed on envelope.



Golden Buns 金華包子  6/9


Spread the word for Princeton Chinese Language School.  Invite your friends to visit our school and join our community!!

Veronica Chen, 校長 Principal