PCLS newsletter – 9/25

As we celebrate Confucius’s birthday, September 28, Teacher’s Appreciation Day in Taiwan, let’s wish all our teachers a Happy Teacher’s Day and a safe and healthy remaining 2020!


This coming Thursday, October 1 is the Mid-Autumn Festival. In Taiwan and China, it is like Thanksgiving Day in the US, families gather together to worship and appreciate the moon, eat moon cakes, make and hang lanterns and have a big family reunion dinner!

Wish Everyone Stay Safe and Sound. Merry Confucius (Teacher’s) Day and Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

在此先祝大家教師節快樂、闔家平安! 中秋節快樂, 闔家團圓

 Messages from the Academic Director

If your child(ren) will be absent from language class, please kindly inform the teachers and state the reason for being absent.

If your child has difficulty or struggles with language class or completing homework, please contact the Academic Director (acadmeci@pcls.org) or his (her) language class teacher.

Messages from the Culture Director

Culture Class – I hope all students are settled and happy with their culture class selection. If you must make a change and have a legitimate reason for it, please email me at culture@pcls.org. If your child is enrolled in a culture class but he/she does not plan on attending, please also let me know so we can provide the teachers with the correct class roster.

Drawing Contest – The contest will be held virtually this year.  Registration & drawing will be submitted via Google Form.  Since the contest will take place virtually and there will be no proctors to enforce the rules that are typically in place, we ask that the students complete the artwork independently without visual aids and parents’ help.  The link to the Google Form for registration will be announced next week. The submission deadline is 10/18.

Messages from the PTA

Essay contest originally scheduled for February 28, 2021, has been canceled due to insufficient parent sign-ups.

Handwriting contest has been moved to February 28, 2021.

 Food Vendors this week

Taiwan Tasty (next to Kam Man 金門 Market in Edison)

  • Please call 732 600 9168 by Friday 10/2, 8pm.
  • Provide your name, phone number and order.
  • Pick up time is 10/3, 1:00-1:30pm, at Asian Food Market, Plainsboro by CVS)
  • Menu – see attachments

 Stella’s Bubble Tea

  • Order by Wechat ID : Stellakhor4308 or call 732-822-4308 Stella.
  •  Pick up time is 10/3, 1:30-2pm, at Asian Food Market, Plainsboro by CVS)
  • Finest Selection of Treats:

o   紅豆黑芝麻口味3粒$5

o   花生麻糬4粒$6

o   紅豆和銀茸糖水$4

o   參巴蝦炒麵$8