Newsletter Feb19, 2021: Typing Contest Winners and Chinese YoYo Competition

Thank you all for spending a fun and entertaining afternoon with us to celebrate Chinese New Year Celebration: Ox Talent Show.

Special thanks to all of you that have submitted the videos to make it a successful event.

Messages from the Academic Director, Molly Yang

Announcing Winners of Chinese Typing Contest 

A組(grade 5 and under) Winners
·         特優獎(excellent) 黃唯凡           Lucas Huang
·         優等獎(honorable mention)


陳澤凱            Kyle Chen

吳奕臻            Audrey Wu

吳晨妤            Ellie Wu

B組(grade 6-10) Winners
·         特優獎(excellent) 楊宸               Chern Yang
·         優等獎(honorable mention)


胡佳莉            Jasmine Woo

周逸安            Ethen Chou

胡佳豪            Parker Woo


Messages from the Culture Director, Veronica Chen


CNY Raffle Prizes

Congratulations to our CNY raffle winners!  You should have been contacted by either Principal Ya-ping, Chairperson Justine or myself.  If you are one of the winners but have not been contacted, please send me an email at

ANJCS YoYo Competition

ANJCS (Association of New Jersey Chinese Schools) will be hosting its online yoyo competition on 3/21/2021 via pre-recorded video submission. See key dates/info below and the attached PDF for more details:

  • Deadline for registration is 2/28/2021.  Videos need to be submitted by 3/7/2021.
  • Cost to register:  Free
  • 3 participants maximum per group from each school
  • Video should be 2.5 to 3.5 minutes long, comprised of tricks and music of your choice

If your child is interested in participating, please send an email to and include the following info:

  • Chinese name / English name
  • Email address
  • Group (Grade 1-5 / Grade 6-8 / Grade 9-12)
  • Birthday (M/D/Y)

PCLS YoYo Competition

Mark your calendar!  PCLS YoYo competition will take place on 4/25.  Details will be announced later.