Weekly Newsletter: Oct 17, 2021, IMPORTANT In-person this Sunday at MCCC

We are happy to announce that we will be starting our in-person this Sunday at Mercer County Community College. Our admin staff have contacted almost every school in the area. We settled on MCCC because of its location, cost and ability to accommodate our needs in a quick turnaround time. We will be at MCCC starting this Sunday until the end of January. There will be no virtual learning days unless MCCC is unavailable. In Nov/Dec, if PDS allows us to rent their facility, we will go back to PDS. If not, we will plan to stay at MCCC until the end of the school year unless there are unforeseen circumstances. Attached is the revised school calendar.

Here’s what you need to know and you need to do. Please read carefully:

  • Fill out this Self-Screening Google Form for your family by Sunday 10/17 morning 10am. We are asking all teachers, TAs, admins and parents/students to complete this form. You only need to fill out this self-screening form once for your family.

  • Review the attached COVID-19 Protocol and follow the instructions carefully. We are asking for everyone’s cooperation to self-screen. DO NOT send a sick child to school. In the event of an outbreak, we will be reverted to virtual learning.

  • Use this Google location PIN to take you to the Student Parking EAST 1&2 this Sunday and arrive no later than 2:10pm.

  • You will see class signs when you arrive. Go to your language class. Students and parents will be walking together to the respective classrooms.

  • If you are a class parent or a direction helper, arrive at 2pm.

  • Class parents will be walking with students and parents to the assigned classroom.

  • Language class time is from 2:30pm to 4pm.

  • If your child is not participating in culture class, you need to pick up your child before 4:10pm at the Meet place. See the attached MAP. The Meet place is the Yellow circle between the MS and BS buildings. Be sure to have your ID with you. Teachers cannot release a child you don’t have an ID. Please be cooperative. This is to ensure the safety of your child.

  • Culture class time is 4:20-5pm. Please pick up your child after he/she finishes culture class at 5pm at the Meet place. The culture teachers will release your child(ren) to you. Do NOT be late. We will charge late fees ($30). If you do not pick up by 5:15pm, we will call Mercer police. No one can stay there to babysit.

Be sure to follow the MCCC rules below and do not risk it. We pay a hefty security deposit and we need to get every penny back.

  • No Pets Or Animals on campus. Do not bring any animals unless they are service animals.

  • Respect the facility and leave everything the way you found it.

  • No smoking on campus

  • We are limited to the usage of 18 classrooms with the four buildings (AD, MS, BS and SC). Do not venture into fenced, gated or locked areas of fields and facilities not rented by us.

Messages from the Academic Director

Classroom Assignments

Language Class Classroom Culture Class
K AD119 Story & Music 唱遊
T1 AD120 Drawing 兒童畫
T2 AD130 Chinese Chess 象棋
T3 AD131 Chinese Brush Painting 國畫
T4 AD121 Sketch and Cartoon 卡通畫
T5 MS109 Anime Drawing 數位藝術
T6 MS204 TKD (raining/snowy days) 跆拳道
T7 MS208 Dance 現代舞蹈
T8 SC236
T9 SC237 Homework 作業輔導
T10 SC238
CSL1 MS170 (Chalk) Chinese Knotting 中國結
CSL2 MS172 (Chalk) Public Speaking 演講
CSL3 MS165 (Chalk) Erhu ⼆胡
CSL4 MS164 (Chalk) Arts and Crafts 兒童⼿⼯藝
CSL5 MS132 (Chalk) GuZheng 古箏
Adult 1 BS205
Adult 2 BS212
台語班 BS212

Messages from the Culture Director

Culture Class Changes

Basketball – Cancelled due to lack of appropriate spaces for this class at MCCC.  Current students have received an email from me to put in your request for a change.

Taekwondo – This class will take place outdoors when weather permits.  When it rains or gets too cold, the class will use MS204.

YoYo – This class will take place outdoors at all times due space needed for this class.

Please attend your current culture class for this Sunday (unless your child is registered in Basketball) and reach out to me after this week’s class if you have any questions or concerns about your child’s current culture class selection.

“Year of the Tiger” Virtual Drawing Contest

Get your crayons and paint brushes ready!  Registration for the “Year of Tiger”  virtual drawing contest opens next week. Students will complete their drawing on paper, independently at home and submit their scanned art work using a Google Form.  It’s a great way to earn extra coupons so mark your calendars for submission by 11/21/2021!

Messages from the PTA

Class Parents and Direction Helpers Zoom Meeting is scheduled for Saturday 8pm. Please check your email for the Zoom meeting invite from the Principal and be sure to attend this meeting.