Weekly Newsletter: Jan 7, 2022, Congratulations to Speech Contest Winners!

Happy Snow Day! I hope you all have enjoyed our first snow of the year!

As a reminder, we made changes to our school calendar due to the surging COVID statistics:

  • Jan. 9th and 16th: online

  • Jan. 23th: Back to in-person at Beth Chaim (tentative, will continue monitor omicron situation)

  • Feb. 6: in-person at Beth Chaim (previously online celebration for Chinese New Year)

  • Feb. 13:  online for Chinese New Year celebration

📣Donations for CNY Raffle

If you would like to donate any items for the Chinese New Year celebration raffle, please bring them to the PCLS admin team on 1/23/2022.  We will set up a table near the Chapel (right of the entrance) for drop off.  Tax receipts will be provided upon request.

Please consider the following criteria for your donation:

  • Retail value of $25 or more

  • Item should be NEW and UNOPENED

  • Items should be appropriate for the occasion and audience

  • Please include a Post-it note on the item with your name and email address so we can recognize your generosity in the CNY program

Messages from the Academic Director

“Speech Contest”

📣Congratulations to our winners! All participants will receive an extra coupon and a trophy. Thank you all for your participation!

Group 1: K and T1
1st Place: Ethan Tsai
2nd Place: Olivia Tsai
3rd Place: Katherine Chiu 邱亮愷; Damian Wang 王暐程

Group 2: T2 and T3
1st Place: Anna Chiu 邱亮瑜
2nd Place: Kaleb Huang 黃凱睿
3rd Place: Riley Chen 陳澤勵

Group 3: T4 and T5
1st Place: Amelia Huang 黃睿琪
2nd Place: Sophia Huang 黃品瑄
3rd Place: Callie Zheng 鄭凱莉

Group 4: T6, T7 and CSL5
1st Place: Winston Shih 施柏丞
2nd Place: Allison Holt 侯愛利
3rd Place: Kyle Chen 陳澤凱

Messages from the Culture Message from the Culture Director

Upcoming Culture Event – YoYo Contest

YoYo contest will take place IN PERSON this year on March 13, 2022.  Students will perform a 2-3 minutes routine he/she put together to music of your choice. YoYo students, you can start by picking a piece of music you like and begin to build on it!

Messages from the PTA

Parent Duty

If you are parent helpers for this Sunday or the following Sunday. We will contact you to re-arrange your parent duty since PCLS will be online. PCLS appreciates your support.