Weekly Newsletter: Dec 31, 2021, Happy New Year! Jan. 9 Virtual.

On behalf of the PCLS admin team, I wish everyone a safe, peaceful and happy New Year!

As a reminder, no school this coming Sunday. Class will resume on January 9 virtually. Due to the record breaking Omicron case counts these days as well as the expected surge of cases after New Year, we will be conducting all classes virtually on January 9. If the situation improves, we will be back to in-person learning on January 16.

Messages from the Academic Director

“Speech Contest”

Thank you all for your participation! We had an excellent speech contest this year. The winners will be announced next week.

Messages from the Culture Message from the Culture Director

Upcoming Culture Event – YoYo Contest

YoYo contest will take place IN PERSON this year on March 13, 2022.  Students will perform a 2-3 minutes routine he/she put together to music of your choice. YoYo students, you can start by picking a piece of music you like and start to build on it!

Messages from the PTA

Parent Duty

If you are unsure of which parent duty you have signed up for, please check in the following link or reach out to PTA@pcls.org. If you have not signed up yet, sign up here . If you are available for additional signups to support our community, please sign up for the remaining empty slots that are still available. PCLS appreciates your support.