2017-18 PCLS Speech Contests Winners

Dear Parents/Guardians:

We are pleased to announce the winners of the Speech Contests.  Thank you to the over 80 students who participated in the Speech Contests.  Congratulations to everyone who participated!

2017-18 班際演講比賽得獎名單  (Speech Contest)

第一組 Group 1: Pre-K, K, CSLK

1st Place:   陳傳恩 Chris Chen

2nd Place:  黃品瑄 Sophia Huang

3rd Place:   張加揚 Colin Chang

Honorable Mentions:   

曾凱樂 Sophia Eby

廖蔚茗 Audrey Liaw


第二組 Group 2: CSL1, CSL2, CSL3

1st Place:    林婉庭 Kyera Lim

2nd Place:   Benjamin Tai

3rd Place:    謝旻峻 Maddox Tse, 徐健偉 Jian Wei Hsu

第三組 Group 3: Traditional Grades 1, 2

1st Place:   蔡旻軒 Natalie Tsai

2nd Place:  陳傳祐 Charles Chen 

3rd Place:   施柏丞 Winston Shih

Honorable Mentions:   

高敬堯 Logan Kao

陳澤凱 Kyle Chen

吳晨妤 Ellie Wu

高子莉 Jasmine Gustus


第四組 Group 4: CSL4, CSL5

1st Place:    林進武 Andrew Lin

Honorable Mentions:   Andrew Thallemer, 林耀庭 Tristan Lim

第五組 Group 5: CSL6, CSL7, CSL8&9

1st Place:    曾柔依 Zoe Eby

2nd Place:   Ananya Sathish

第六組 Group 6: Traditional Grades 3, 4

1st Place:    鄭皓宸 Aiden Cheng

2nd Place:   游鈺柔 Zoey Yu

3rd Place:    黃譯葶 Kara Huang

第七組 Group 7: Traditional Grades 5, 6

1st Place:    吳佳怡 Joyce Wu

2nd Place:   金曉琪 Sierra Kim 

3rd Place:    陳冰冰 Alaire Chen

第八組 Group 8: Traditional Grade 7, 8, 9, 10

1st Place:    施柏宇 Lancelot Shih

2nd Place:   楊宸 Chern Yang