PCLS 2017 Drawing Contest Winners

Dear Parents/Guardians:
Congratulations to everyone who participated in the PCLS 2017 Drawing Contest!  All the children’s drawings were beautiful and our judges had a difficult time picking these winners.  We will be presenting awards to the following winners in the Recognition Ceremony in January.

Overall Winner – Kyera Lim

Group 1 – 6 and under
1st place – Lucia Camilli
2nd place – Chris Chen
3rd place – Ewan Chan
Honorable Mentions – Natalie Tsai
                                   Logan Kao
Group 2 – 7 and 8s
1st place – Rebecca Watson
2nd place – Emma Wong
                  Elyssa Leung
3rd place – Parker Chou-Fung
                     Janoah Wong
Honorable Mention – Aidan Lui
Group 3 – 9 and 10s
1st place – Tristan Lim
2nd place – Vivian Kin
3rd place – Kara Huang
                     Aanika Vallabhaneni
Honorable Mentions – Emma Tian
                                         Eva Fea
Group 4 – 11 and up
1st place – Renee Chan
2nd place – Josephine Wang
3rd place – Sophia Djeng
                     Sabrina Liding
Honorable Mentions – Allyson Lee
                                          Tristan Huang