Weekly Newsletter May 20, 2023


Fun Day is here –  Boba Fastival!!

Date / Time – 05/21/2023, 12:30 to 4:30 PM

Location – Mercer County Park – East Picnic Area  (1346 Edinburg Rd, 08550)

Important Info

  • If you are bringing food, please arrive no later than 12:15 PM

  • We strongly encourage you to:

    • Bring your own outdoor chairs / picnic table / canopy due to limited seating

    • Bring your own reusable water bottles / cups to reduce plastic waste from one-time use water bottles and cups

    • Apply appropriate sun protection on your child(ren)

  • If your children are on the younger side, and/or have never had boba drinks before, please make sure they are given proper instruction and accompanied by adults while drinking boba drinks

  • Tickets – Each student / teacher / TA / admin team member receives 4 tickets max. per person.

  • Additional tickets can be purchased on site.  Please bring cash and see pricing in the link below.

Please find more details about this event here.

SY23-24 Registration OPEN 下學年註冊現已開放!

SY23-24 registration is now OPEN!  In-person registration will be available between 2:30-4:00 PM on 5/14 and 6/4 in the admin table area.  Please refer to the PCLS registration page for detailed information on the registration process. Don’t miss the opportunity to receive a $50 discount if you register by 6/4!

Parent Duty Refund

If you completed 2 parent duties this year, you are eligible for a full refund of your parent duty deposit.  Refund checks can be picked up on the last day of school (6/4).  More details will be announced in next week’s newsletter.

Upcoming Events


Fun Day 園遊會 @ Mercer Community Park East Picnic area


  • Commencement Ceremony @ 2:30PM in the McAneny Theater (6 grades and up will attend)

  • Coupon Day

  • SY23-24 Registration @ admin table area


Congratulations to Natalie Tsai for winning first place in the Intermediate Group of the ANJCS Speech Contest! Please see the news release here.



5/14/2023 (last Sunday) was the last culture class of this school year. There will be NO culture class on 6/4/2023, the last day of the school.


Parent Duty

To check or change your parent duty sign ups, please click this SignupGenius link.  Should you have any changes or questions on your signup, please reach out to Suet Horhota, PCLS PTA Lead, while at school or at PTA@pcls.org.

Additional ways of support

Please click on this link to get more info.  Thank you for your continued support and Happy Shopping!



Join us at LINE group: “PCLS – Food and Vendors 普林斯頓中文學校美食團” to get the latest information about food ordering and delivery.  http://line.me/ti/g/uefDIBC_L5  (click the link to join)

美食團版規和注意事項(Vendor Info and Group Order Rules) Please do read this before you place orders:  https://tinyurl.com/bdfrdasa


Lin’s Palace 林宫 2023/05/20 (Sat)  Delivery

New Products: Organic 油菜, 茼蒿, 大陸A菜

Order link https://tinyurl.com/29e2ndzj

Ordering Deadline: 5/18/2023 (Thur) 10 PM

Pickup Date: 5/20/2023 (Sat) 3:30pm ~ 4:00pm

Pickup Location: Plainsboro Dollar Store Parking Lot

Payment: Cash or Check upon pickup

Contact: Mr. Lin at 973-727-3276


Golden Buns 金華包子 2023/05/21(Sun) Delivery
Order link https://tinyurl.com/3kurb28r

Ordering Deadline: 05/17/2023 (Wednesday) 8:00 PM
Pickup Date: 05/21/2023 (Sunday)
1. 12:40 pm ~ 1:15 pm at Mercer County Park East Picnic Area(FunDay area), 1346 Edinburg Rd, Princeton Junction,  NJ 08550

2 1:30 pm ~ 2:00 pm at 美東超市 parking lot (10 Schalks Crossing Rd, Plainsboro Township, NJ 08536)

Payment: Cash upon pickup 只收現金
Contact: Call or Text at 732-762-0935

Order by 5/12/2023 (Fri)11:00 PM   Minimum Order Amount: $15


Next Week



Nuro Beef Soup 正中台灣牛肉麵 2023/06/04(Sun) Delivery

Order link https://tinyurl.com/ycxa9kbm

Ordering Deadline: 04/27/2023 (Thursday) 10:00 PM

Order will be canceled if total amount is less than $800.

Pickup Date: 04/30/2023 (Sun)

1:30 pm ~ 2:00 pm at 美東超市 parking lot (10 Schalks Crossing Rd, Plainsboro Township, NJ 08536)

2:30 pm ~ 3:00 pm at  Princeton Day School parking lot next to the main entrance (650 Great Rd, Princeton, NJ 08540)

Payment: Cash upon pickup 只收現金

Contact: Call or Text Ken at 646-286-9288


阿扁美食團 06/04/2023(Sun)Delivery 


Order by 5/30/2023 (Wed)10:00 pm

Pickup on 6/4/2023 (Sunday)

4:15pm ~ 4:45pm at Princeton Day School parking lot next to the main entrance (650 Great Rd, Princeton, NJ 08540)

5:15 pm ~ 5:30 pm at 美東超市 parking lot (10 Schalks Crossing Rd, Plainsboro Township, NJ 08536)

From now till 2023/5/31, handling fee reduced from 12% to 8%.

Every order will pay for a 8% handling fee + $5 toll charge when “Princeton” location is selected.

When placing the order, please leave a note of ’普林斯頓中文學校‘ or ‘Princeton chinese Language school’ at comment field for reference

Contact:text or call Mr. Lin at 347-827-7226

Payment: Venmo: @Leyhualin 5615709497 (頭像開船的就是了!)

Zelle Quick Pay, 347-827-7226 (JS import  BOA), or Cash


Spread the word for Princeton Chinese Language School.  Invite your friends to visit our school and join our community!!

Veronica Chen, 校長 Principal