PCLS Newsletter – 9/23 Fire Drill and Happy Teacher’s Day

Dear Parents/Guardians/Teachers/TA:

Happy Teacher’s Day (Confucius’ birthday is 9/28) – PCLS would like to thank all of the Language and Culture Teachers – without your dedication and commitment, PCLS would not be possible!  Please make sure to stop by the cafeteria this Sunday to pick up a cake as our token of appreciation.

IMPORTANT – Fire Drill  (around 3:00)  Please listen for the whistles signaling the start of the Fire Drill.  Staff will guide classrooms in evacuating from the building during the designated language class time.  This will require everyone, including parents/guardians to evacuate the building.

As a reminder, language class is 2:30-4:15, with a 5 minute break in between.  Culture class is 4:20-5:00. Particularly for new and younger students, it is helpful if parents can walk their children from the language class to the culture class at 4:15.  Also, if your child needs to leave school during the class, please inform the teacher or TA.

Due to some big classes and PDS food/drink policy, we need to make some adjustment and reshuffle our classroom allocation.  Please see below for the classroom changes.  We appreciate your patience and understanding.  * New changes starting from this week are in Red *

Language Classroom change:

PreK => #225
Traditional 3 => #122
Traditional 8 => #104
Traditional 9 => #120
CSL8 => #105
CSL2 => #205
Traditional 2 => #202
Adults Class => #224

Culture Classroom Change:

Craft => #225
Chinese Brush Painting => #205
Painting and Drawing => #224

Beginner Chess => #232

Basketball => Lower Level Mathey Gym

Yo-Yo => Main Level Basketball gym.  In the event that the Main Level Basketball gym becomes unavailable, it will take place in Gymateria.

恭喜本校學生參加「台灣為什麼重要」徵文獲得好成績!黃泓閩(Gabriel Huang)獲得第三名,施柏宇(Lancelot Shih)獲得優勝!台灣與中文同樣重要,有此成績,可喜可賀!

Congratulations to our students for participating in the “Why Taiwan Is Important” essay competition. Gabriel Huang(黃泓閩) won the third place, and Lancelot Shih(施柏宇) got the winning prize! This result is very gratifying!

Click here to see the news link.

Messages from the Academic Director, Molly Yang:
* The last day for language class switching is 9/23, this Sunday.
* If your child(ren) can not go to school, please kindly inform the teachers.

Messages from the Culture Director, Ya-ping Su:

I hope all students are settled and happy with their culture class selection. If you must make a change and has a legitimate reason for it, please discuss with the culture director during regular school hours or email culture@pcls.org.

If your child is enrolled in a culture class that requires a $20 material fee (Chinese Knotting, Chinese Brush painting, Crafts), please bring an envelope labeled with your child’s name with $20 check (payable to PCLS) to the class this week if you haven’t done so.

If your child is in Basketball, Yoga, Yo-Yo or Dance, please sign a liability agreement (see attached) prior to the start of the class activity this week and give it to the classroom TA. Classroom TA also has printed copies. Students without sign liability agreement will not be able to participate in the class.

Parents participating or interested in adult activities, please contact class coordinators listed below for paperwork and payment. Note that Basketball, Badminton and Zumba will require the participants to fill out a liability agreement prior to the start of any activity. All these classes will require a $50 facility fee. Erhu and Zumba have additional $100 activity fee.

·  Basketball – Jason Tsai  (kookietsai@yahoo.com) at Mathey Gym in Lower Level 2:30-4:10

·  Badminton – Teddy Li (teddy_Li@verizon.net ) at Gymateria in Main Level  2:30-4:10

·  Zumba – Natali Tsai (lewis.natali@verizon.net) at Dance Studio (classroom #151) 2:50-4:00

·  Flower Arrangement – Shenzhi Li (lishenzhi@gmail.com)  at Cafeteria  2:50-4:30

·  Adult ErHu – Culture Director (culture@pcls.org) Adults are welcome to join this class at Room 102/103, 4:20-5:00

Messages from Princeton Day School:

Please be sure to follow PDS regulations regarding parking and respect the law and park only in authorized locations.

No running inside the school.

*** IMPORTANT: PDS reiterate that there can be NO food/drink anywhere but in the Campus Center (cafeteria).  PDS custodian found evidence of food/drink in several classrooms and in the 221-235 hallways. Students/teachers should not be bringing food/drink into classrooms & neither students nor adults should have it in hallways.

3 Food Vendors this week:

* 1:30 LinGong (林宮)various food items

* 2:00 Stella’s bubble tea AND Taro cake (芋頭糕), sweet soup (紅豆湯/銀耳湯), Mochi (麻糬)

* 3:00-4:30 NuRo Beef Noodle Soup (正中牛肉麵): Please pick up your order at the designated time.

Please support our food vendors as a portion of their proceeds are given back to the school.

Justine Hsieh 謝嘉文
Princeton Chinese Language School
, Principal