PCLS Newsletter – 9/16

Dear Parents/Guardians/Teachers,

Our first day of PCLS went pretty well, considering how many new and returning students registered and made class changes that Sunday.  The teachers, students, and parents have shared positive feedback regarding the start of this school year. Thank you for all your help and cooperation!!  Most of the staff will be in the cafeteria (campus center) this Sunday if you need help with anything.

As a reminder, language class is 2:30-4:15, with a 5 minute break in between.  Culture class is 4:20-5:00. Particularly for new and younger students, it is helpful if parents can walk their children from the language class to the culture class at 4:15.  Also, if your child needs to leave school during the class, please inform the teacher or TA.

Due to the limited classroom seating (16-18 seats in most rooms) and some big classes with 20 students and above, we need to make the following classroom changes this week.  This is not finalized yet as registration and class trials are still ongoing. We’ll keep parents informed on the weekly newsletter. However, the teachers and the staff are making decisions in the best interest of our students.  We apologize for any inconvenience these changes may cause and really appreciate your understanding.

Language Classroom change:

CSL2 => #205
Adults Class => #224

Traditional 2 => #202

Culture Classroom Change:

Chinese Brush Painting => #205
Painting and Drawing => #224

Beginner Chess => #232

Basketball => Lower Level Mathey Gym

Yo-Yo => Main Level Basketball gym. In the event that the Main Level Basketball gym becomes unavailable, it will take place in Gymateria.

Messages from the Academic Director, Molly Yang:

* During the first few weeks of Chinese school, parents may help their younger children with homework. If parents want to switch their children to a different class, please talk to the Academic Director first.  The last day for language class switching is 9/23.

* Taiwanese Conversation Class (台語課)



$80 per person, $120 per family

30 Sessions, 9/10/18 – 5/12/19 (No class 2/3/19 Chinese New Year)

Sunday 1:45 – 2:25 pm (40 mins) in room 224

Instructor: Yachuan Chuo 卓雅娟老師 (wangtwo87@yahoo.com)

To enroll:


* We are happy to announce that the combined class is back to two classes: CSL8 will be taught by Mrs. Potter.  Traditional 8 will be taught by Ms. Yu.  Mrs. Potter taught CSL7 last year; she is dedicated, passionate, and engaging. Ms. Yu is our prior Academic Director with years of teaching experience.

Messages from the Culture Director, Ya-ping Su:

This Sunday 9/16 is the last day for students who want to switch culture classes to do so. However, changes need to be approved by the Culture Director first.  Most of the culture classes are not accepting new students except the following with very few spots left: Craft, Er-Hu, Calligraphy, Homework Club, Basketball, Painting and Drawing, Yoga, Chinese Brush Painting and Chinese Yo-Yo.

If your child is enrolled in Chinese Knotting, Chinese Brush Painting or Crafts, and you have not paid the $20 material fee yet, please bring an envelope labeled with your child’s name with a $20 check (payable to PCLS) to class this week.  Material fees are non-refundable. It is imperative that this fee is collected so the teachers can provide the needed materials.

For those that are new to Yo-Yo, you may purchase a taibolo from www.taibolo-usa.com.  We are also looking for YoYo donations.  If you would like to donate, please bring Yo-Yo(s) to the YoYo class location.  There will be a parent (Stella Tsai) there accepting donations.

Messages from Princeton Day School:

Please be sure to follow PDS regulations regarding parking.  $200 tickets will be given to anyone failing to observe the regulations.  Please respect the law and park only in authorized locations.

No running inside the school: please be sure to tell your child(ren) to walk in the school.  PDS has asked us not to run in the facility to prevent any injuries.

Doors and Windows: please remember to close all windows when the class is over.  Please do not open the entrance doors to the outside in the lower gym area.

*** IMPORTANT: food may be consumed ONLY in the Campus Center (cafeteria) so that spills are confined to the tile floor in the Cafeteria.  PDS has two renovated areas and they are quite strict about this policy. ***

Messages from the PTA, Shao-Ching Cheng:

If you have not signed up for parent duties, there are still a few slots available.  Please use the following link: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/60b0e49a8ae2fa20-20182019


If anyone is interested and the weather cooperates, there will be pickup Ga-Ga games in the PDS playground area Ga-Ga pit (the octagonal structure between the basketball court and the soccer field) from 5:00 to 5:30 pm.

Parents need to stay with their child(ren) if they want to play in the playground after school.

3 Food Vendors this week:

* 2:00 台灣小吃 (Taiwanese snack and bento box)

* 2:00 Stella’s bubble tea AND sweet soup (銀耳蓮子湯 & 紅豆湯), Mochi (麻糬)、taro cake (芋頭糕)

* 3:00-4:30  阿忠滷味 (Master Huang) from Flushing will provide tasty braised dishes for PCLS families. Please pick up your pre-order and pay cash by 4:30.

Remember!! Support our food vendors as a portion of their proceeds are given back to the school.

Justine Hsieh 謝嘉文
Princeton Chinese Language School
, Principal