本校將於10/14邀請台灣好藝楊蒞臨進行民俗文化教學展演, 活動包括捏麵人、舞獅、書法、龍鬚糖、創意打包帶編織等, 精彩可期, 敬請期待!

PCLS is going to invite Taiwan Lion Dancing Artistry Association (TLDAA) to our school on 10/14 for a spectacular demonstration for Lion Dancing (舞獅), Calligraphy (書法), dough figurines (捏面人), dragon candies (龍鬚糖), and weaving with plastic lacing (創意打包帶編織).  This Chinese Culture Expo will be held at PDS cafeteria on 10/14/2018 2:30 pm ~ 5:00 pm

All PCLS students will visit this event in group.  PCLS lion dance team (T8, T9, and CSL8 students) will have a brief training with the lion dance teacher from Taiwan after 4:10 pm.  More details and schedule will be sent out on next week’s newsletter.

There will be some products available for purchasing between 2:30 pm ~ 4:30 pm in vendor section. Limited amount of dough figurines, plastic lacing weaving product, lion figurines, and dragon candies (龍鬚糖) will be available.

Due to large amount of students participating this event, demonstration is only open to PCLS students. Parents are welcome to stop by the product selling table to support this event.   If there is any question regarding this event, please contact Sophia Liu at