PCLS Newsletter 12/9 – Speech Contest Part II

Dear Parents/Guardians/Teachers:

I hope everyone have a great week and are enjoying your holiday shopping and vacation planning.

Last Sunday, we distributed PCLS 2018-2019 Directory to our families and teachers.  If your child was absent last week, please ask his/her language teacher or stop by the cafeteria to get the directory.  Each family should receive only ONE directory.

We are gearing up for preparations for Chinese New Year! We would greatly appreciate donations (value of $20 and above) of Raffle Prizes for the raffle during our New year’s festivities.  All the donations go to our raffle which helps as a fundraiser for the school. Please drop off the items to either Sylvia or Sophia in the cafeteria until 1/13/2019.  We will also provide donation receipt for your tax filing purpose.


Messages from the Academic Director, Molly Yang:

The speech contests part 2 will be held on 12/9 for contestants in group 1 (PreK, CSLK, K), group 2 (CSL1-3), group 3 (T1-2), and group 4 (CSL4-5). The competition starts at 12:50 pm in the Main level McAneny Theater (DIFFERENT location from last week).  Due to the large number of participants, we have two Check in time:

The check in time for participants (T1-T2, CSL1-CSL5) are 12:40 pm and the contest will start at 12:50 pm.

The check in time for participants (PreK, K) are 1:50 pm and the contest will start at 2:10 pm. The group photo will take place at 2:00 pm before the contest starts.

If your kid(s) enrolled but didn’t receive the reminder email, please email academic@pcls.org as soon as possible.


Messages from the Culture Director, Ya-ping Su:

PCLS is proud to announce that our first YoYo competition will take place on March 3, 2019 from 4:20-5:40pm in the Large Gym. All PCLS students and alumni are welcome to participate in this competition. Competition will include two types: individual (high school, 9th-12th graders, middle school, 6th to 8th, and elementary, 1st to 5th) and double (1st through 12th graders). Registration will be available in January 2019!

Mark your calendar! Chinese New Year Celebration will take place on February 3, 2019 at Montgomery High school from 2-5 pm. Rehearsal starts at 12pm.  We are currently looking for volunteers to help out in addition to your parent duty sign up. Please email culture@pcls.org or stop by the culture director table at cafeteria if interested.


Messages from PTA, Shao-ching Cheng

  1. 12/9 speech contest helpers, please arrive on time as directed by the Academic Director to help. You should have received reminder emails from PTA and assignments from Academic Director. If you did not, please contact PTA –pta@pcls.org and Academic Director – academic@pcls.org
  1. Parents please note, you can always check your signups from: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/60b0e49a8ae2fa20-20182019.  You should receive the reminder emails from Signup Genius few days prior to the event. If you have never received emails from SignUp Genius even when you first sign up, please double check to see if your email entry is corrected in SignUp Genius.
  2. Please try NOT to change your signups few days prior to the event.It will affect the arrangements and won’t have enough time to find other helpers.  Thank you.


4 Food Vendors this Week, from Ya-ling Chen:

* 2:00 Stella’s bubble tea AND Taro cake (芋頭糕), sweet soup (紅豆湯/銀耳湯), Mochi (麻糬), Eggtart (蛋塔), Spicy Cold Noodle (麻辣涼面), Ramen Noodle (日式拉麵) and Sushi 壽司

* 3:00-4:30 NuRo Beef Noodle Soup (正中牛肉麵): Please pick up your order at the designated time.

* 2:00 台灣小吃 (Taiwanese snack and bento box)

* 2:00 Debbie, 銷售時尚和實惠的珠寶, 有各種各樣的雅緻作品可供選擇。不要錯過這個機會!.    JEWELRY VENDOR Debbie, will come to the cafeteria to sell fashionable and affordable costume jewelry.  There’s a large selection of tasteful pieces to choose from.  Don’t miss the chance!!!


Other valuable information for our parents:.
* There will be a seminar “screens are hurting children’s eyesight” NEXT Sunday at PCLS.  Please see the attached file for the information.  The location and time will be announced in the next week’s newsletter.

Quakerbridge Learning Center at Lawrenceville is offering after school programs and SAT classes.  There are some brochures in the cafeteria.  Please feel free to grab the brochure.