PCLS Newsletter 5/19 – FUN Day!!

Dear Parents/Guardians/Teachers:

PCLS  Fun Day  is on Sunday from 12:30-4 PM at Rosedale Park in Pennington.  Our school staff have worked very hard and planned many fun activities for our Fun Day.  Please bring the whole family to participate in the event so the kids get to hang out with their Chinese School friends outside of class!

本週日是PCLS一年一度的 Fun day,在Rosedale Park (Pennington),會有很多好吃的食物和好玩的活動。學校的行政人員們非常認真地籌備,希望大家可以ㄧ起參加,在美麗寬敞的 Rosedale Park, 讓孩子們有機會在課堂外跟班上同學們同樂!

Each student, teacher, TA, and any parent that donates something through the Sign-up Genius will receive 4 tickets to exchange food items.  See Culture Director’s message below for some reminders.

Thank Rob Kao for donating 12 pizza pie for our Fun Day.  Thank Russell to come to our Fun Day and take great pictures for our school – these pictures will be used in our next year’s directory.


Messages from the Academic Director, Molly Yang

  • Parents can go to App store, search “meizhouchinese”and download the app, it’s free. There is start guide video at mzchinese.org. You also can download summer homework for K-4 at mzchinese.org website.

Messages from the Culture Director, Ya-ping Su:

  1. Directions: After entering Rosedale Park, please follow the PCLS signs and drive all the way to the end of the park. Our picnic area is next to the playground with two pavilions, a baseball court and a basketball court. Direction from Rosedale Park website. Click here.
  2. If you want to make a donation to the fun day, please feel free to do so by bringing a dish or simply make a cash donation at the food coupon table.
  3. Please do NOT bring any glass bottles or beverages in glass container. And No drones are allowed per the Park picnic rules and regulations.
  4. We will start serving food at 12:30pm. Crafts (face painting, temporary tattoos, handmade crafts, Chinese knotting) will start at 1pm. Field activities will start at 1:30pm. Lots of prizes for field activity winners!

    Come and Join Us!

Other valuable information for our parents:

I will forward our parents the following information in the other two emails later.

(1) Drawing contests: 2019年全美台灣同鄉聯誼會兒童繪畫比賽

(2) 2019 Tzu-Chi Summer Camp: 2019 慈濟快樂健康生活營

(3) download summer homework for K-4 at mzchinese.org website: 美洲華語推出K-4年級暑假作業的簡易版

(4) How to deal with your Teenagers: 青春期搞不定? 專家給您SOP!!世台生命教育學會主辦的【我家那個e世代】暑期成長團