PCLS Culture Class and Adult Class

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Below are the updated information about the culture class and adult class.  Please read carefully and contact the class coordinators or our culture director, Ya-ping Su: culture@pcls.org should you have further questions.

New class & Offerings this year:

We are excited to announce a new culture class (for Adults and Children in different class time) – the quintessence of Chinese culture: Mahjong (麻將). Our volunteer parent teachers David, Howzan, Joseph and Tony will be teaching this class. You probably have seen them practicing in the cafeteria last semester.  If your child is 8 years and older and would like to switch his/her culture class to this Mahjong, please fill out the culture class change form HERE

All adult class this year:

Parents, if you’re interested in joining adult class, please see the details below.  For PCLS families, the facility fee is only $50 for the whole year then you can participate different adult activities (material fee or activity fee apply for certain classes).

There are three NEW Adult classes this year: Adult Karaoke, Adult Mahjong, and Craft (card making).  Attached pictures are some samples that Mrs. Sherry Wu will teach the students to make in the craft class.  The cards are really beautiful and unique.

Note: the definition of “PCLS family”: The families with students registered or with PCLS teachers teaching in current school year.

Class Time Location Contact Facility Fee if PCLS family Facility Fee if non-PCLS family Activity Fee PCLS waiver required
Basketball 2:30-4:10 Mathey Gym

(Lower Level)

Jason Tsai,


$50 $100 $0 Yes
Badminton 2:30-4:10 Gymateria, (Main Level) Tzuo-Shuo Li,tzuoshuoli@yahoo.com $50 $100 $0 Yes

(3 Spots left)

2:50-4:00 Dance Studio (Room #151) Natali Tsai,


$50 $100 $100 Yes
Flower Arrangement 2:50-4:30 Campus Center (aka cafeteria) Shenzhi Li, lishenzhi@gmail.com;


$50 $100 See instructor No
Adult ErHu 4:20-5:00 Room# 105 (Lower Level) Email culture director if questions: culture@pcls.org


To register, complete this google form

Note: Class may be canceled due to low registration.

$50 $100 $100 No
NEW!! Craft (Card making) 4:20-5:00 Room#204 $50 $100 $20 material No

Adult Karaoke

2:50-4:00 Room#221 $50 $100 $0 No

Adult Mahjong

2:50-4:00 Room#215 $50 $100 $0 No