PCLS Welcome letter – 9/8 is the first day of school

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Teachers,

I hope everyone has been having a great summer! Our teachers and admins have worked hard over the summer and I believe it will be another successful year for the PCLS community. I will forward you some emails regarding events, classes, and scholarships that might interest our parents before school starts. In addition to those forwarding emails, below are a few things to keep in mind as our new school year approaches.

1. Registration & Check Deposit

Our registration numbers are pretty strong this year. A BIG THANK YOU to ALL registered families. We will finish depositing your registration checks in September. For parents who COMPLETED the registration, you will get an automatic email with your child(ren)’s class information on 9/5.  Following this, another weekly Newsletter will be sent from me on Friday night (9/6) as usual. If you haven’t registered or if you have friends interested in joining our school, please follow the steps below.

(1) FIRST, Sign up for your parent duty via SignUp Genius.  (You need to go to the PTA table to get the stamp on your confirmation page to verify your parent duty signup)
(2) Go to https://www.regstudent.com to complete your online registration.  Then PRINT and BRING the last Confirmation Page.
(3) Bring the Check along with the Confirmation Page (with PTA stamp) to the Registration Table on the first day of school.

Then your registration is COMPLETED.

2. 2019-2020 School Calendar and School Map

9/8/2019 (Sunday) is the first day of school.  See the attached file for the school calendar (version 5). I have also attached the school map in this email. When you get the automatic class information email on 9/5, you can check this map to locate your classrooms.
This year, we will have many interesting culture events and academic plans, such as the Confucius Memorial Ceremony, Culture Expo, TOCFL test (華語測驗), 5 PCLS internal contests, Chinese New Year performances, Fun Day, and more. Please stay tuned!

2019-2020 PCLS Calendar v.5


3. Children’s Culture Class and Adult Activity Class

In addition to Chinese language, the various culture programs are also what PCLS has been working on. We’re introducing many new culture classes for both our kids and parents. A separate email will be sent out to address those aspects of PCLS.

4. Taiwanese class

Taiwanese class is also another class that PCLS is proud to have had for many years. If you’re interested in this class, please use the Google Form to register. Both parents and children are welcome in this class. The registration fee is only $80 per student (or $120 per family) for the whole school year! This class will be held 1:45-2:25 every Sunday. Additionally, the Taiwanese class typically has a performance in our Chinese New Year celebration.

5. Transition Period in September  

Before registration for our 2019-2020 school year is fully completed, the emails will be sent to registered families as well as previous parents and potential parents (for those who contacted our school to show interest). The email list will be fully updated by the end of September. Please bear with me if you’re not with PCLS, but are still receiving my emails during this transition period.

Spread the word for Princeton Chinese Language School. Invite your friends to visit our school and join our community!!

Enjoy your long weekend before school starts.  I look forward to seeing everyone in September!