PCLS Newsletter 2/16

Dear Parents/Guardians/Teachers/TA:

Hope everyone have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Gifts for PCLS families: We still have a few DIY lanternssmall hand sanitizers, and 2020 Taiwan calendars to give away.  Feel free to stop by.

SAT mock test exclusively for PCLS students and TAs (Registration deadline: 2/23)

Quarkerbridge Learning Center will have a SAT mock test event (see attached flyer) covering two sessions: a mock test (3/1) and an explanation session (3/7). The owner graciously reserves 10 seats with discount price ($25 for two sessions) to benefit our PCLS community.  If you’re interested, please EMAIL me the following information: Name, Parent/Guardian Names, Home address, School Name, Grade, Age, Sex, Email, Cell # then pay $25 cash to complete your registration.  PCLS will collect the info and money to register for all our students.

There are 5 Press release about our CNY and 50th Year Celebration!!
2 From TECO deputy director Weiting Lin:

僑務電子報: https://www.ocacnews.net/overseascommunity/article/article_story.jsp?id=253804 and

僑務新聞 OCAC news: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gO-1SY_1ebI&feature=emb_title (check the news about PCLS 50th Year Celebration!!)

3 From our PR James Kin: 新象周刋, 新象周報 (see attachment) and and 世界日報 (link  https://www.worldjournal.com/6768507/) .

Messages from the Academic Director, Molly Yang


** Dictionary Usage Contest will be held on 2/23, from 1:30 – 2:20 PM. Check In time is 1:15 pm on 2/23.  Attached please find Contest information. The deadline to register this contest with the below link is 2/16.

** 華測(TOCFL) and 兒測(CCCC) formal test (registration deadline is 2/26): registration google form and Q&A document will be sent out by next Wednesday for parents’ reference.

Messages from the Culture Director, Ya-Ping Su


Adult Zumba class (2:50-4:10) and Kids Dance class (4:20-5:00) will be taking place in Fox room (next to the theater at main level) this coming Sunday and the next Sunday. PDS needs the dance room for other use.

Please register your child for various culture related competitions as appropriate. See details and rewards from principal’s email sent this Wednesday.  All students, TAs and alumni are welcome to attend these competitions. Any questions, please email culture@pcls.org

Competition Competition Date & time PCLS Reg. deadline and link
ANJCS Chinese Chess 3/22/2020  9:30am-2pm 3/5/2020


ANJCS Chinese Karaoke 3/14/2020 12:30pm 2/27/2020

Email completed ANJCS registration form and music file to culture @pcls.org

PCLS Chinese YoYo 3/1/2020 4:20pm-5:40pm 2/26/20


ANJCS Chinese YoYo 3/28/2020 9:30am Inform Kevin Lam & by 3/1 if wish to participate but cannot attend PCLS internal completion.

4 Food Vendors this week

* 2:00 Stella’s bubble tea, sweet soup (紅豆湯/銀耳湯), Mochi (麻糬) and New Year Cookies (過年餅乾)
* 2:00

Taiwan Tasty House (台灣美食坊) coming from Edison.

* 3:00 Taiwan Baking 台味烘焙. Please pick up your pre-order and pay cash
* 3:00 NuRo Beef Noodle Soup (正中牛肉麵): Please pick up your order at Cafeteria