PCLS newsletter – 9/11 Welcome Back! First Day of School this Sunday!

Welcome back to a new and exciting school year!  Our teachers and staff have been busy preparing for this unprecedented virtual year. Our teachers took online training over the summer to create the best virtual teaching environment, and are prepared to effectively teach this year. Though this year will be challenging, we strive to make it a fun and fulfilling Chinese learning experience for you and your children!

This Sunday is the first day of school! Most classes will follow the regular schedule: language classes running from 2:30 pm – 4:10pm, and culture classes from 4:30 pm to  5:10 pm. Of course, there are some exceptions. Please check your emails for further information from teachers, and of course, Zoom invites. 

Zoom Etiquette

Please have students turn on video and type their name in the name tag when joining their Zoom class. Not only will this result in more active student participation, but it will also aid the teachers and TAs in attendance. Thank you for your cooperation!

Messages from Academic Director

All students except CSL classes 4 through 8 should have received textbooks from either teachers or class parents. If you haven’t, please contact your language class teacher. 

If you don’t receive Zoom info from the teacher by 9 pm on Saturday, please contact academic@pcls.org

Messages from Culture Director

Sixteen culture classes are offered this year. If your student wishes to change their culture class, they can do so within the first 2 weeks and should notify the Culture Director.  Four classes have reached their full capacity (Taekwondo, Arts & Crafts for Kids, Digital Art, and Public Speaking) and will not accept new students unless one switches out of these classes.

Good news! We will waive the $20 material fees for Chinese Knotting and Chinese Brush Painting class. The teachers from these two classes should have notified parents where to pick up materials or have already sent out a list of materials needed for the class.

For those that are new to Chinese Yo-Yo, you may purchase a taibolo from  www.taibolo-usa.com or www.sundiausa.com

Messages from Registrar

A confirmation email from the registrar was sent for each student this evening detailing each student’s Language class and culture class.  If you have not received this email or have found errors in it, please contact registrar@pcls.org

Messages from PTA

Thank you all for your sign-ups! Most slots are full except for the essay contest. An event with no sign-ups may be canceled, so if your child is planning on competing, please sign up  HERE!   

The PTA team will download the sign-up data on September 13th.  Please do NOT change your signup after that date so that our admins can plan the school events accordingly.


Food Vendors

You’re tired of cooking. I’m tired of cooking. We’re in the same boat. Personally, I felt like I was glued to the kitchen and cooking non-stop during the early stages of the pandemic. Not to worry, we are in contact with our food vendors to arrange food sales. These will most likely be pre-orders and pick-ups at certain locations using Google Sheets. Stay tuned for more details!

Finally, I want to thank all of you for your continuing support!  

“See” you on Sunday! 週日見 !!

蘇雅萍  Ya-ping Su


Princeton Chinese Language School