PCLS newsletter – 9/18

Our first day of PCLS went pretty well. Despite some technical challenges, teachers, students, and parents have shared positive feedback regarding the start of this unique school year.  

Messages from the Academic Director

Kindergarten and CSL textbooks (CSL 3 through 8) have arrived. Please keep an eye on your inbox for pick details.

Messages from the Culture Director

Culture Class Changes – This Sunday 9/10 is the last day to switch culture class if a student wishes to do so. Most of the culture classes are still accepting new students except TaeKwonDo, Arts & Crafts, Digital Art, and Public Speaking. To request a culture class change, please email PCLS Culture Director at culture@pcls.org.

Drawing Contest – one of PCLS’s most popular contests will take place virtually this year!  The topic will be the Year of Ox (cow).  Please stay tuned for more details.

Messages from the PTA

PTA team has downloaded parent sign-ups from Sign-up Genius and is busy preparing for upcoming competitions and will be contacting parents soon. Please do NOT change your sign-ups.

Food Vendors this week

As promised, we are helping out our food vendors in this difficult time as well as ourselves from the misery of cooking non-stop. Here’s what’s coming up for food sale:

Golden Buns 金華包子

  • Please text or call at 732 762 0935 by Wednesday, 9/23, at 8pm.
  • 请注明时间 地点 和学校名 (On your text, note: PCLS, 9/26 11:30-12noon pick up at Asian Food Market, Plainsboro by CVS)

 金華包子品項: (全麦皮的价格一样)

  1. 髙丽菜香菇肉包6个一包$7
  2. 鲜肉包6个一包$7
  3. 豆沙包6个一包$7
  4. 素菜包6个一包$7(青菜/豆干丝/胡蘿蔔丝/黑木耳丝等)
  5. 全麦馒头6个一包$7。(成分:全麦面粉,核桃,黑芝麻,曼越梅等)
  6. 芋泥包5个一包$6
  7. 笋香菇肉包5个一包$6
  8. 白馒头10个一包$6
  9. 黑芝麻包5個$6
  10. 黑糖饅頭10個$6
  11. 黑米红枣馒头4个$6
  12. 素春卷1条$1.25(高丽菜絲,豆干,胡蘿蔔絲,香菇,芹菜絲)
  13. 麻花一包8oz$5
  14. 糯米烧麦8个$7.(猪肉,红萝卜,香菇,葱姜)
  15. 素的糯米烧麦8个$7.(糯米,红萝卜,香菇,姜,高丽菜,素火腿,玉米,青豆)另外包子馒头有综合的如下
  16. 咸的综合8个$10,(高丽菜香菇肉包2个,鲜肉包2个,竹筍香菇肉包2个,素菜包2个)
  17. 甜的综合6个$8,(芝麻包2个,豆沙包2个,芋泥包2个)
  18. 馒头综合8个$8,(全麦馒头2个,黑糖馒头2个,紫米红枣馒头2个,白馒头2个
  19. 糯米饭团1份$3,(糯米饭,油条,肉松,萝卜干)
  20. 油条8oz一份$4
  21. 红豆年糕一份$6, 8”錫盘


  • Please text or call 732 331 2566 ask for Jen or Wechat order.  Wechat ID jen1963w, Order by Wednesday, 9/23, 8pm.
  • 9/26 12 – 12:30 pm pick up at Asian Food Market in Plainsboro by CVS
    星期六上午12:00-12:30pm 东超市车场拿,9/23星期三晩上8:00结单。
  • Choices/Menu below. Additional choices in the attachment.
  1. 便當$7.50
  2. 燻雞和醉雞 $6.00
  3. 綠 or 紅咖哩雞 $11.00
  4. 海帶豆乾 $6.00
  5. 油飯大盒 $ 10.00