Weekly Newsletter: September 10, 2021, First Day of School this Sunday!

Welcome Back!

This Sunday is the first day of school! All language and culture classes will be conducted virtually until October 10th when we return back to PDS in person. Please refer to the school calendar for events and actives. Most classes will follow the regular schedule: Language running from 2:30 pm – 4:10pm. The culture classes will start at 4:20 pm and end at 5:00 pm. Of course, there are some exceptions. So watch out your emails for Zoom invites from Teachers. Check your junk mail. I often pick up really important emails there.

A confirmation email from the registrar has been sent this evening detailing each student’s Language class and culture class.  If you have not received or found errors, please contact registrar@pcls.org

Messages from Academic Director

Everyone should have received textbook packets. If you haven’t, please contact Academic Director (academic@pcls.org).

When joining the Zoom class, please have the students turn on turn on the video and type in the student’s name. This often improves classroom participation. It’s also easier for teachers to track and identify the students.

If you don’t receive Zoom info from the teacher by 9pm on Saturday, please contact academic@pcls.org.

Messages from Culture Director

Change of culture class can be made during the first 2 weeks of school.  If you want to switch, please send an email to culture@pcls.org with the following info by EOD Monday 9/20/2021:

– your child’s full name (English / Chinese)

– 1st choice culture class

– 2nd choice culture class (in case the 1st choice is full)


After 9/20, your child will be in the same culture class for the remainder of the school year.  He/she will have an opportunity to try a different class during the Culture Class Open House in April.

Messages from PTA

Thank you all for your sign-ups. We are asking each family to contribute your time to two tasks this year unless you sign up to be a class parent for your child’s class. Sign Up sheets can be found HERE

PTA team will download the signup data on September 13th.  Please do NOT change your signup after then so that our admins can plan the school events accordingly.

Food Vendors

We are in contact with our food vendors to arrange for food sales for pre-orders and pick-ups at PDS once we return in person. Stay tuned!


一項深受家長和孩子歡迎的社區兒童文化藝術活動,旨在幫助孩子們通過繪畫比賽這個平台,學習中華節日文化,了解中秋節的意義,探索眼中的中國城和在雙文化交集下成長的體驗,倡導家庭和睦,鞏固親子關係,培養他們的想像力、創造力和思維能力,以便更好成長。由於疫情的不穩定性,今年仍然採用線上形式舉辦比賽活動。(See attachment for details)

Have a great weekend and see you this Sunday!