Weekly Newsletter, February 4, 2023


The Lunar New Year celebration is finally here!  As this is the first in-person LNY celebration since 2020, and the venue is new, please read important information below that will help you navigate the various aspects of the celebration and ensure that the event will go smoothly.


  • Families are encouraged to arrive in one car, or carpool as much as possible.

  • If the regular parking is full, there are 2 additional parking lots – see map below.  After you park, please follow the same road you go in to get to the main building.

  • VIP parking – 4 spots in front of the main entrance are reserved for VIP guests and marked with orange cones.  Please do not park in these spots.

  • Enter the building through the main entrance.


  • Masks are still required in the building / upper gym.

  • Performers may take their mask off during their performance.

Parents Waiting Area

  • Parents may wait in the upper gym when your child’s class is in rehearsal. Afterwards, please use the usual seating areas around campus.

  • Please avoid congregating in front of the upper gym.

Raffle Tickets

  • If you bought the raffle tickets at the pre-sale, please remember to bring them with you on 2/5/23.  We will NOT be able to reissue raffle tickets.

  • Raffle tickets are available for sale between 1:00 – 2:20PM. Costs – $10 for 10 tickets.  $20 for 22 tickets

  • Each raffle ticket has 2 parts.  Please tear at the perforation.  We suggest you put your name on the back of the top part and drop that part into the bag for drawing. Keep the bottom part of the ticket to claim your prize.

  • Please make sure you drop all your tickets into the bags before 2:20 PM as the bags will be taken into the gym for raffle drawing.

Food & Drinks

  • If time permits, families are encouraged to eat before arriving at the school for rehearsal / celebration. Please do pack some snack for your child(ren).

  • Food consumption is allowed ONLY in the cafeteria area.  Please clean up afterwards. NO eating allowed in other parts of school.

Entry / Seating in Upper Gym

  • Upper gym door will be cleared around 2:15 PM for final preparation.  Door will reopen at 2:20. Please avoid congregating in front of the upper gym entrance.  Students should stay with their classes before the event start and enter with their class, not individually with their parents.

  • As seating is limited in the upper gym, parents and students are encouraged to leave their jackets and other belongings in the kids’ classrooms.  Please bring valuables with you to the upper gym.  PCLS is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

  • The folding chairs on the floor are reserved for students.  Parents – please sit on the bleacher.

  • The first row of the bleacher is reserved for parents with small children (non-students) and also grandparents.


Join us at LINE group: “PCLS – Food and Vendors 普林斯頓中文學校美食團” to get the latest information about food ordering and delivery.  http://line.me/ti/g/uefDIBC_L5  (click the link to join)

美食團版規和注意事項(Vendor Info and Group Order Rules) :  https://tinyurl.com/bdfrdasa


阿扁美食團 02/05/2023(Sun)Delivery –CLOSED

Order by 2/1/2023 (Wed)10:00 pm

Pickup on 2/5/2023 (Sun)5:15pm ~ 5:45pm at Plainsboro 美東超巿 parking lot at CVS end (10 Schalks Crossing Rd Unit 100C, Plainsboro Township, NJ 08536)

Every order will pay for a 12% handling fee + $5 toll charge when “Princeton” location is selected.

When placing the order, please leave a note of ’普林斯頓中文學校‘ or ‘Princeton chinese Language school’ at comment field for reference

Contact:text or call Mr. Lin at 347-827-7226

Payment: Venmo: @Leyhualin 5615709497 (頭像開船的就是了!)

Zelle Quick Pay, 347-827-7226 (JS import  BOA), or Cash


David Kao ZongZi 粽子02/07 & 02/08/2023 Delivery

Order link – Closed

Pick up time: 2/07/2023 (Tue) and 2/08/2023 (Wed) 5:10 pm ~ 5:30 pm.

Pick up location: Parking lot behind CVS, 4 Shalks Crossing Rd, Plainsboro Township, NJ 08536

Payment: Zelle:  718-666-0177 (David Kao) or Venmo: @Amy_kao (Please do not leave any note on payment)

Contact: Eric at mydeareric@gmail.com

Next Week

Uni Bread IS BACK

Uni Bread 02/12/2023(Sun)Delivery When Group Order  > $1200


Order by 2/11/2023 (Sat)11:00 PM   Minimum Order Amount: $15

Pickup on 2/12/2023 (Sun)4:15pm ~ 5:00pm at Princeton DaySchool parking lot next to the main entrance (650 Great Rd, Princeton, NJ 08540)

On Sale: 泡芙買三送一的優惠活動,大家可以輸入優惠碼B3G1FREE(4個 +優惠碼).

Total Order Amount exceeds $1,200 to form the group order! 請大家踴躍訂購!


New Vendor Trial

Harmonious Baker 02/12/2023(Sun)


Trial Sales and Product Demo: On 2/12/2023 (Sun) 2:20pm ~ 2:50pm at Princeton DaySchool parking lot next to the main entrance (650 Great Rd, Princeton, NJ 08540)

Please come and check it out! Here are pictures of her products:




Bao and Dumpling (渤海村)  02/12/2023(Sun)

11:30 am – 1:00 pm at WWP-HS North, 90 Grovers Mill Rd, Plainsboro, NJ 08536

Golden Buns 金華包子 02/12/2023(Sun)

Spread the word for Princeton Chinese Language School.  Invite your friends to visit our school and join our community!!

Veronica Chen, 校長 Principal