PCLS Newsletter 11/4 – Daylight Saving Time

Dear Parents/Guardians/Teachers:

Don’t forget that Daylight Savings Time will change early on Sunday, so please “fall back” your clocks.  We have school this Sunday, then we are off next Sunday, 11/11, have school again on 11/18, and then off again on 11/25.

*** Special Presentation:  Don’t ignore game addiction 不要忽略電玩成癮!***
Time:     3:30-4:30 on 11/4
Place:    PDS Cafeteria
WHO (world health organization) recently released a ICD-11 (international classification of diseases),  Game Disorder is to be categorized under mental illnesses.

The speaker: Dr. Kung-li Deng graduated from National Taiwan University and Princeton University.  He worked for Bell Lab and GE for many years and leaded the research team.  He’s the senior consultant authorized by Reiss Motivation Profile (RMP).  Dr. Deng has helped many Ivy League students found their Passions.

講員:鄧公理博士,畢業於台灣大學,普林斯頓大學。曾在貝爾實驗室,美國通用電氣公司, 工作帶領研究團隊,有豐富的企業管理經驗。也是Reiss Motivation Profile (RMP) 授權的高級諮詢師。多年來幫助很多長春藤孩子找到他們的熱誠所在。

Please watch the video below and the poster attached.  This presentation is mainly for PCLS families but feel free to invite your friends to this great presentation.


Messages from the Academic Director, Molly Yang:

(1) The speech contests are 12/2 (CSL6-8, T3-9) and 12/9 (CSLK-5, Pre-K-T2) at 1 PM.  Please see your teacher to register your child for the speech contest by 11/18.

(2) If your child(ren) can’t come to school, please email to the teacher(s) in advance. 

Messages from the PTA head, Shao-Ching Cheng:

3 Food Vendors this week:

* HsiuLing Taiwanese Kitchen (秀玲台式小吃) 2:00-3:15
* PoHaiTsu frozen dumplings (渤海村) 1:30
* Stella’s bubble tea AND sweet soup (銀耳蓮子湯 & 紅豆湯), Mochi (麻糬) and Eggtart (蛋塔)
* CANCELLED:  阿忠滷味 (Master Huang) – There are not enough pre-orders this week so Master Huang is not coming to PCLS this Sunday.

Please support our vendors, as a portion of their proceeds are given back to the school.