PCLS Newsletter 1/20 – Coupon day

Dear Parents/Guardians/Teachers:

Chinese New Year Celebration is 2 weeks away and we have only 2 times for rehearsal at PDS.  We hope that the snow will not impact the school and our commute on Sunday.  PDS will give me an update on Sunday morning so I will make an announcement by Sunday 10am if the school will be open or not.  Please check your email or our website: http://pcls.org

** CNY Raffle **
Step right up! Snap one up! Let the fun and games begin! It’s raffle time!

Don’t miss out on our NEW raffle presale !  You can purchase tickets this Sunday and next Sunday at special rates:  $5/6 tickets, $10/13 tickets ( PRE_SALE  14 tickets), $20/28 tickets ( PRE_SALE  30 tickets)  !  With so many great prizes (total value is over $3,200), there’s sure to be many lucky winners !!  You can come visit us in the cafeteria to buy the tickets or Sylvia will be going around the school as well !
Let’s all have fun and help the school at the same time! 

The items being raffled are: I-pad (donated by PCLS), Air Fryer, Orthocare water pik/sonic toothbrush, Kate Spade wallet, Echo Smart Speaker, Virtual Reality box, Samsung headpone, food certificates from various food vendors/restaurants ($730) and many other items.  (Please see attached files for the completed prize list with pictures.)   Thank you for all the sponsors contributing prizes to our raffle. 

** CNY dinner **
Please join us for dinner immediately after CNY show at Yaya noodle (325 Route 206 North, Skillman, NJ 08558).  You can buy the dinner tickets from our chairperson, Anne, 2:00-4:30 on 1/20 or 1/27 in the cafeteria.  Cash is preferred.  There are limited space in the restaurant and we need the accurate head count to prepare beforehand.  So NO dinner tickets will be sold on 2/3 and you need to bring your dinner ticket to Yaya noodle.   Purchase dinner tickets priced below:

  • Adult (12 and older): $20
  • Child (3 -11 years old): $12
  • Children under 3 are free

Messages from the Coupon Day Coordinator, Sophia Liu:

  • This Sunday is PCLS’ Coupon Day for the first semester. The exchange starts with the lower grades at 2:40 pm. At designated time, class teachers will bring their classes to cafeteria where the exchange takes place. Parents of younger students are encouraged to help their child during the transaction.  (Coupon exchange schedule is attached)  Students should bring their own bags for carrying exchange items home. Limited amount of plastic bags will be available at the event.
  • Coupon day donation: 1) Gently used or new toys / stationary / books are welcome. 2) NO food, skin care / hygiene products, or nail polish will be accepted due to allergy concern. 3) Clean / no holes plastic or paper shopping bags.  Please bring your donation to Sophia at cafeteria (coupon exchange section) before 2:40 pm if possible. Donation receipt is available for your tax filing purpose.

Messages from the Academic Director, Molly Yang:

  • 2019 preparation test for SAT Subject Test in Chinese with Listening will be held on March 3rd. All students are welcome to take the mock test, but it is highly recommended for students of 5th grade and above. For detail information, please visit http://www.reg.ncacls.net/index.php/satii . Registration deadline is 2/4, and registration fee is $20. Any student who is interested in taking the mock test should contact academic director at academic@pcls.org for registration form and test information.


Messages from the Culture Director, Ya-ping Su:

Parents, if you are going to be late picking up your child(ren) after culture class, please ask your child(ren) to stay in the classroom and do not leave on their own unless you have made arrangement for them.  Our culture teachers and/or TAs will bring kids to cafeteria after the clas ended at 5pm if left alone.

The following areas at PDS will be reserved for rehearsal from 2:30pm to 4:15pm: Reception, Theater (Main level), Fox Room, Lobby, Upper Gym (Main level basketball court), and upper level at Cafeteria. Lion Dance practice will take place at Gymateria between 1:20-2:40pm. We apologize for any inconvenience and ask parents to avoid occupying these areas during practice time.

YoYo class will take place at Gymateria until the end of February.  PDS needs the large gym for lacrosse practice.

Messages from PTA, Shao-ching Cheng:

  1. Parents who signed up to help the Chinese New Year Eventplease be aware: DO NOT change your signup at this point.  You should have been or will be contacted to attend one meeting in January.
  1. We have few spots still open for sign up on various events. If any one wants to help, please take a look at the following link : https://www.signupgenius.com/go/60b0e49a8ae2fa20-20182019
  1. You should receive the reminder emails from Signup Genius few days prior to the event. If you have never received emails from SignUp Genius even when you first signed up, please double check to see if your email entry is correct in SignUp Genius.
  1. Please try Not to change your signups few days prior to the event. It will affect the arrangements and won’t have enough time to find other helpers.


Seminar on 1/27, next week:

AIG Financial Network Seminar for College Funding on 1/27 (2:45pm-3:45pm) NEXT Sunday.  Location: Room 231.

1. What are the parents and students concerns of current college cost?
2. What are the most popular funding methods for preparing education fees?

Speaker: Carol Lee, MBA CLU

Messages from Vendor Coordinator, Ya-ling Chen.  3 Food Vendors this Week:

* 2:00 Stella’s bubble tea, sweet soup (紅豆湯/銀耳湯), Mochi (麻糬), Eggtart (蛋塔), Spicy Cold Noodle (麻辣涼面), Ramen Noodle (日式拉麵) , Sushi (壽司) , New Year Cookies (過年餅乾), 年糕

* 2:00Taiwan Tasty House (台灣美食坊) coming from Edison.

* 3:00-4:30 NuRo Beef Noodle Soup (正中牛肉麵): Please pick up your order at the designated time.  


See you all on Sunday – Hope the weather cooperates!