PCLS Newsletter 2/3 – Chinese New Year Celebration (2-5 PM)

Dear Parents/Guardians/Teachers:    

We hope you are ready and looking forward to the Chinese New Year Show 2-5 PM on Sunday, 2/3 at Montgomery High School, 1016 County Road 601, Skillman, NJ 08558.   Please use the main entrance.

The students have been exerting their Chinese Language skills to prepare a variety of shows. It’s going to be an afternoon of exciting shows and fun with raffles!  Family and friends are welcome!

** The schedule for the day is as follows:

12pm-1:45pm Dress Rehearsal

Our Culture Director has carefully planned the rehearsal schedule to give every group a chance to rehearse on stage.  *Please follow your teacher’s instructions regarding the arrival time and things needed* Any questions or assistance needed, you can go to the Reception Desk at the entrance of the performing center.

– Rehearsal time is quite limited, therefore have your child arrive at least 15 minutes prior to their scheduled rehearsal to allow time to change if necessary and find their class.
– Pizza will be served ONLY for the MCs and CNY crews and parent volunteers.
– It will be a very long afternoon so parents please be sure to pack snack (or lunch)

– Parents are NOT allowed to enter Performing Center or Chorus Room during rehearsal.  Please take your child(ren) to their class at designated time.  The teacher and TA will take care of your child(ren).  The entrance will be open for all audience around 1:45.

2-5pm Chinese New Year performance 

5-8pm Dinner at YaYa Noodles, 1325 Route 206 North, Skillman (For people signed up, remember to bring your DINNER Tickets with you)

There will be a great number of people attending this event, it is imperative that when your child is not with their class they are under your supervision.

** Raffle Prize Tickets

During the Chinese New Year Show, we will have the Raffle Drawings. Please buy your raffle tickets at the Reception Desk before the show for a chance to win prizes with total values of $3,200.  Tickets are 14 for $10 and 6 for $5.  Please put one duplicate of your raffle tickets in the bag corresponding to the prize that you wish to win.
If you bought your raffle tickets during pre-sale, remember to bring your raffle tickets this Sunday.
** PTA Volunteers – Please report to your team leads at designated area on time.  Thank you for your help.

Messages from the Academic Director, Molly Yang:

  • 2019 preparation test for SAT Subject Test in Chinese with Listening will be held on 3/3. Registration deadline is Monday, 2/4, and registration fee is $20. Please contact academic director at academic@pcls.org.
Other valuable information for our parents:

(A) Red Envelop (hóng-bāo, Yā-Suì Qián)  紅包

Your child will receive a red envelop from PCLS on 2/3.  Do they know why they are getting red envelop on Chinese New Year?  Do they know what greetings they should say (in Chinese) when they receive the red envelop?
Yā-Suì Qián (red envelope) is a tradition in Chinese New Year.  We encourage our parents to talk about the meaning of Red Envelop with your child.  The following two links are for your reference.
* Legend of Yā-Suì Qián (red envelope): http://biweekly.huayuworld.org/new/video_html/print/d3.pdf
* Chinese Red Envelopes- Amount, Symbols, and How to Give

(B) Princeton Library will have a Chinese New Year event on Saturday, 2/2, 2-4pm @community room, .

PCLS was invited to this community event and we are honored to set up 4 stations there: Craft, GuZheng, Chinese Knotting, Chinese YoYo.  We appreciate our teachers and TAs to volunteer their time to provide this community service.  Please stop by and check this event hosted by Princeton High School.

(C) Forwarding below Photography Contest 1st time ever from NCACLS.  PCLS encourages anyone who is interested to sign up. If you’re interested, these two events (2/2 @Princeton Library & 2/3 @Montgomery High School) are the good chances to take some great pictures.



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比賽開放日期: 2/11/2019 – 2/24/2019





如有疑問,請聯絡全美攝影比賽主辦單位: ncacls.webex@gmail.com 

Thank you and see you on Sunday!