PCLS Newsletter – 9/29 Confucius Memorial Ceremony and Happy Teacher’s Day

Dear Parents/Guardians/Teachers/TA:

Happy Teacher’s Day (Confucius’ birthday is 9/28) 教師節快樂PCLS would like to thank all of the Language and Culture Teachers – without your dedication and commitment, PCLS would not be possible!  .

On this Sunday, 9/29, PCLS will host the 14th Annual Confucius Memorial Ceremony (祭孔典禮) in New Jersey (See attached poster). Prep starts at 10:30am for the volunteer helpers and some PCLS admins. Music and dance performers will rehearse around noon. Parents: please come and invite your friends to join this special culture event 2:30-4:20.  

Students in T7, T8, T9, T10 and CSL7, CSL8 will also attend the ceremony and should go to the Upper Gym by 2:20pm (or follow what your language teacher mentioned in the email). The other language classes of younger children will be on as usual. All culture classes will be on regular schedule.

The influx of outside guests and helpers may create traffic congestion and parking might become difficult. Therefore, we appreciate if you could arrive early or car pool to reduce traffic jam.  Traffic sign of “Extra Parking” will direct you to the parking space behind school building (around ice rink and Lacrosse parking lot).  Parking spaces in front of building are reserved for event.  Please avoid prolong vehicle standing in front of the building.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Messages from the Academic Director

If your child(ren) can not go to school, please kindly inform the teachers and  always remember to state the reason for being absent.  It’s also for safety report in school.

If your kid(s) encounters any struggle to learn Chinese or doing homework, please contact me or teachers.

Messages from the Culture Director

YoYo class will meet at the outdoor basketball court next to the playground (near Shepherd Commons, if you use the exit stairway by class room #200, it will take you right there) this week due to Confucius Memorial Ceremony. All culture class will run on normal schedule.

3 Food Vendors this week

* 2:00 Stella’s bubble tea, taro cake (芋頭糕), sweet soup (紅豆湯/銀耳湯), Mochi (麻糬), Sushi 司.
* 2:30 Golden steam bun (金華手工包子) – Please pick up your preorder during the designated time.  Thank you!

* 2:30

Taiwan Tasty House (台灣美食坊) coming from Edison.

Justine Hsieh 謝嘉文
Princeton Chinese Language School
, Principal