PCLS newsletter 10/23 Parent Meeting @1:30pm via zoom – Join Us

Zoom in and Join us for 1st Parent Meeting of the school year!

We will have our Welcome Parent meeting at 1:30 pm-2:30 pm this Sunday October 25. Google calendar invites were sent on Wednesday evening with the Zoom meeting invites from the principal’s email. Please join us to learn more about PCLS, plans for this year , and the future.

Cross posting for TECO: 僑務委員會為促進僑台商對「六大核心戰略」產業及新創事業之瞭解,並因應新冠肺炎疫情,及依據海外僑臺商對經貿之需求,提供跨國遠程共學課程,本次課程共4項主題各規劃2小時線上課程,於「tms教育訓練系統」進行,以期提升僑臺商之企業科技應用實力。採線上報名方式,請有意參加課程之僑臺商於20201031日前上網填表報名(報名網址https://forms.gle/xZwEPEUwTWMy1Mwg9)


Messages from the Academic Director, Molly Yang

Stay tuned for a redesigned Chinese speech “contest” this year. Participants will submit pre-recorded speech videos.  The registration form, rules of participation, and instructions will be announced next week.

Messages from the Culture Director, Veronica Chen

Chinese New Year Celebration – Show your “Ox” talent at this year’s remote CNY celebration/ 線(獻)上你的牛才藝!!   We encourage each family to register as a unit for smooth video production. Siblings can record together/alone in singing, playing musical instruments, dancing or any other performances to show off their ‘Ox’ talent. The registration deadline to submit your idea is November 22, 2020.  You have until January 5, 2021 to submit your video.  

Food Vendors this week

Remember to pick up the food you ordered this Saturday from 台灣小吃 at noon. Pick location is the Asian Food Market parking lot.


Golden Buns 金華包子

·         Please text or call at 732 762 0935 by Tuesday, 10/27, 8pm.

·         Pick up: 10/31, Saturday 11:30-12:00 at Asian Food Market.

金華包子品項: (全麦皮的价格一样)

1.    髙丽菜香菇肉包6个一包$7

2.    鲜肉包6个一包$7

3.    豆沙包6个一包$7

4.    素菜包6个一包$7(青菜/豆干丝/胡蘿蔔丝/黑木耳丝等)

5.    全麦馒头6个一包$7。(成分:全麦面粉,核桃,黑芝麻,曼越梅等)

6.    芋泥包5个一包$6

7.    笋香菇肉包5个一包$6

8.    白馒头10个一包$6

9.    黑芝麻包5個$6

10.  黑糖饅頭10個$6

11.  黑米红枣馒头4个$6

12.  素春卷1条$1.25(高丽菜絲,豆干,胡蘿蔔絲,香菇,芹菜絲)

13.  麻花一包8oz$5

14.  糯米烧麦8个$7.(猪肉,红萝卜,香菇,葱姜)

15.  素的糯米烧麦8个$7.(糯米,红萝卜,香菇,姜,高丽菜,素火腿,玉米,青豆


16.  咸的综合8个$10,(高丽菜香菇肉包2个,鲜肉包2个,竹筍香菇肉包2个,素菜包2个)

17.  甜的综合6个$8,(芝麻包2个,豆沙包2个,芋泥包2个)

18.  馒头综合8个$8,(全麦馒头2个,黑糖馒头2个,紫米红枣馒头2个,白馒头2个

19.  糯米饭团1份$3,(糯米饭,油条,肉松,萝卜干)

20.  油条8oz一份$4

21.  红豆年糕一份$6, 8”錫盘